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    • Electron vorticity indicative of the electron diffusion region of magnetic reconnection 

      Hwang, K.‐J.; Choi, E.; Dokgo, K.; Burch, J. L.; Sibeck, D. G.; Giles, B. L.; Goldstein, M. L.; Paterson, W. R.; Pollock, C. J.; Shi, Q. Q.; Fu, H.; Hasegawa, H.; Gershman, D. J.; Khotyaintsev, Y.; Torbert, R. B.; Ergun, R. E.; Dorelli, J. C.; Avanov, L.; Russell, C. T.; Strangeway, R. J. (American Geophysical Union, 2019-06-27)
      Abstract While vorticity defined as the curl of the velocity has been broadly used in fluid and plasma physics, this quantity has been underutilized in space physics due to low time resolution observations. We report ...