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    • The globalization of comic-con and the sacralization of popular culture 

      Elliott, Michael A. (Palgrave Macmillan (Firm), 2018)
      In 1970, the Golden State Comic-Con was held in San Diego, California, with about 300 people in attendance. At the time, it was a relatively small convention of writers, artists and enthusiasts of comic books as well as ...
    • The rationalization of craft beer from medieval monks to modern microbrewers: A Weberian analysis 

      Elliott, Michael A. (West Virginia University Press, 2017)
      [From chapter Introduction]: In this chapter, I explore how the production of craft beer is thoroughly rationalized and involves a surprising amount of technical expertise and scientific standardization that have become ...
    • Teaching Somewhat Serious Games 

      Durington, Matthew Slover (American Anthropological Association, 2017-11)
      Durington writes, "I am biased to the awkward moments in ethnography when anthropologists are put into sticky situations and ethical dilemmas. These moments are often the crux of fieldwork and their successful navigation ...