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    • Outpatient Requests, Initial Sessions and Attrition 

      Zisook, Sidney; Hammond, Roger; Jaffe, Kenneth; Gammon, Elizabeth (Sage, 1978)
      Treatment attrition in a psychiatric outpatient department was evaluated. Of eighty-two consecutive new patients, fifty-three (65%) showed up for a second appointment while twenty-nine (35%) failed to return. None of the ...
    • The hysterical facade 

      Zisook, S; DeVaul, RA; Gammon, Elizabeth (ProQuest LLC, 1979)
    • Reducing the Size of the Nondominated Set: Pruning by Clustering 

      Morse, Joel N. (Computers and Operations Research, 1980)
      The multicriterion_ simplex methods of Evans and Steuer(!} and Yu and Zeleny[2) have encouraged model builders to consider matrix criteria. When conflicting objectives are simultaneously considered, there is no such thing ...
    • Medical noncompliance 

      Zisook, S; Gammon, Elizabeth (1980)
      Increasingly recognized as a major medical health problem, non-compliant patient behavior remains on e of the least understood and most frustrating phenomena facing today's physicians. Although no single characteristic of ...
    • Drug treatment of depression. A classification system for agent selection 

      Zisook, Sidney; Hall, Richard CW; Gammon, Elizabeth (Taylor & Francis Ltd, 1980)
      Depressive illness can be severe, debilitating, and life threatening, but it often responds well to medication. The appropriate agent and dosage depend not only on accurate diagnosis of the type of depression present but ...
    • Student evaluations of a required sex education course 

      Gammon, Elizabeth; Zisook, S (Association of American Medical Colleges, 1980)
      Medical student response to a required sex education course at the University of Texas Medical School is reported. The results suggest that the students have an objective awareness of sexuality as an integral part of ...
    • Management of a rare blood type: Oh"Bombay" in pregnancy 

      Katz, AR; Ali, V; Ross, PJ; Gammon, Elizabeth (The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, 1981)
      A rare blood type, Oh "Bombay," was observed in a 30-year-old Indian primigravida. The genetic mode of inheritance is discussed. The obstetric management, with anticipation for the need for blood transfusion, is outlined ...
    • Index Futures and the Implied Volatility of Options 

      Morse, Joel N. (Review of Futures Markets, 1988)
      This paper examines the relation between the pricing of stock index futures contracts and the implied volatilities of index and individual equity options. For data from the 1986-1988 period, the difference between the ...
    • A unified architecture for intelligent DSS 

      Teng, James TC; Mirani, Rajesh; Sinha, A (IEEE, 1988)
      A unified architecture for an intelligent decision-support system (IDSS) is presented. The incorporation of the central intelligence manager (CIM) in the architecture makes the system intelligent. The CIM comprises an ...
    • Information System Cost Estimating: A Management Perspective 

      Lederer, Albert L; Mirani, Rajesh; Neo, Boon Siong; Pollard, Carol E; Prasad, Jayesh; Ramamurthy, K (Management Information Systems Research Center, University of Minnesota, 1990)
      Information systems cost estimating is an important management concern. An estimate helps to cost justify individual proposals, to schedule their development, to staff them, to control and monitor their progress, and to ...

      Swatman, Paula; Swatman, Paul Anthony; Fowler, Danielle (Australian Computer Conference (MOSAIC '91), 1991)
      Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) provides a method for organisations to send and receive standardised business communications quickly, flexibly, cheaply and in a secure manner. It is EDI's document translation standards ...
    • Extending the Useful Application Domain for Formal Methods 

      Swatman, Paul Anthony; Fowler, Danielle; Gan, C.Y. Michael (Springer-Verlag, 1991)
      Research into the industrial application of formal methods has concentrated almost exclusively on the specification of software systems in high-risk or safety critical applications Thus, attention has been directed to ...
    • Innovation, firm size and corporate finance: An initial inquiry 

      Acs, Zoltan J; Isberg, Steven (Elsevier, 1991)
      The empirical results presented here suggest that asset-specificity as measured by innovation may be significantly related to corporate capital structure.
    • An Intraweek Seasonality in the Implied Volatilities of Individual and Index Options 

      Morse, Joel N. (Wiley, 1991)
      This paper studies intraweek seasonalities in the implied volatilities of options on stock market indices. One-way analysis of variance isolates the daily behavior of implied volatilities. The differential between call ...

      Swatman, Paula; Swatman, Paul Anthony; Fowler, Danielle (5th International Electronic Data Interchange Conference, 1992)
      Early research into EDI stressed the greater speed, efficiencies and cost savings available from electronic document exchange and, despite EDI's cooperative focus, much of this research also described the technology as a ...
    • Small Firm Mutual Funds: Additional Evidence on the Small Firm Effect. 

      Thies, Clifford F; Isberg, Steven (Springer, 1992)
      Returns generated with small firm mutual fund data are used to examine the extent to which identification of a "small firm effect" is due to the difficulty in measuring the direct and indirect transaction costs involved ...
    • The pricing of callable preferred stock 

      Thies, Clifford F; Isberg, Steven (Springer, 1992)
      In this study, the authors use both the Black/Scholes European option model and the Barone-Adesi/Whaley American option model to estimate call option values implicit in seasoned callable preferred stock issues. Consistent ...
    • The international transmission of eurodollar and US interest rates: A cointegration analysis 

      Fung, Hung-Gay; Isberg, Steven (Elsevier, 1992)
      The relationship between US and Eurodollar certificate of deposit (CD) rates for the period 1981–1988 is examined using an error correction model. Results indicate that there is a structural change in the CD rates. In the ...