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    • 3/4 inch: videotape U-matic 

      Hagan, Siobhan (Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference, 2015-10-09)
      Three panelists and a moderator explored the history and development of analog magnetic tape and the conservation and preservation activities taking place in libraries and archives today during this panel at the fall meeting ...
    • Assimilating AV into Archival Processing 

      Hagan, Siobhan (Northeast Document Conservation Center, 2014-10-21)
      This presentation teaches basic audiovisual format identification, methods of care and handling, and description for audiovisual collections. Collections with audiovisual materials have often been handled separately from ...
    • Audiovisual Preservation Workflows in University Libraries 

      Hagan, Siobhan (Society of American Archivists, 2014-08-16)
      This Powerpoint presentation was part of a panel session at the annual conference of the Society of American Archivists, featuring three academic institutions that have developed successful and sustainable programs for ...
    • Creating Sustainable Audiovisual Preservation Programs in Academic Libraries: UCLA and University of Baltimore 

      Hagan, Siobhan (American Library Association, 2014-06-30)
      A few leading collecting institutions have developed extensive moving image and recorded sound preservation programs, and have reported their own models at professional conferences. However these prominent examples can ...
    • Cue Charm City! WJZ-TV and WMAR-TV Collections at the University of Baltimore 

      Hagan, Siobhan (Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference, 2014-10-17)
      This Powerpoint presentation was part of a panel introducing three of Baltimore City’s special collections departments with rare audiovisual holdings, ranging from silent home movies from the 1920s, to 1970s oral histories, ...
    • Does Engagement in an Applied Research Experience Affect Student Outcomes? Adventures at the National Aquarium 

      Farley, Sally D (2017)
      The purpose of this study was to compare two conditions of experiential learning, traditional semester-length group-based research projects and applied group-based research projects facilitated at the National Aquarium ...
    • “I would Never Fall for That”: The Use of an Illegitimate Authority to Teach Social Psychological Principles 

      Farley, Sally D; Carson, Deb; Pope, Terrence (2017)
      The current class activity explores attitudinal beliefs and behavioral responses of “obedience” in response to an illegitimate authority figure in an ambiguous situation. Students either self-reported the likelihood that ...
    • MPLP for AV 

      Hagan, Siobhan (Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference, 2014-10-16)
      This Powerpoint presentation was given during a full-day workshop at the fall meeting of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference. The workshop provided the knowledge and hands-on experience for archivists to initiate ...
    • Nonverbal Reactions to Ostracism: When Does Ostracism Prompt Us to Reconnect or to Disconnect? 

      Farley, Sally D; Carson, Deb; Pope, Terrence (2016)
      The present research explored the potential ability of various nonverbal behaviors to facilitate social reconnection following ostracism. In two experiments, participants played Cyberball prior to watching a film. In ...
    • The State of the States: Evaluating US Regional AV 

      Hagan, Siobhan (Association of Moving Image Archivists, 2014-10-09)
      This Powerpoint presentation was part of a panel at the annual conference of the Association of Moving Image Archivists that discussed where each US state or region currently falls on the preservation spectrum, the factors ...
    • Typografische Monatsblätter 1987:3 

      Fountain, Jeanne (Lars Muller Publishers, 1987)
      Magazine cover for 1987 issue of Typografische Monatsblätter.