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    • Cho-Am 

      Oldenburg, Aaron (2016-02-12)
      This is a videogame where the player visits the cremation site of Pol Pot as a sleepwalker. They interpret the world their character is inhabiting by their gestures and brief glimpses inside their head. The real life ...
    • Islid 

      Oldenburg, Aaron; Oldenburg, Aaron (2016-05-31)
      This is an exploration of a hypnagogic state. The player explores the space through two-dimensional movement through a procedural environment. The hallucinations follow rules for appearance and behavior that work off one ...
    • REPENT 

      Oldenburg, Aaron (2009)
      This is from a series of experimental video games exploring religious actions. I choose certain rituals, activities or mental games that people play to reinforce their faith.
    • Seer (KOR) 

      Oldenburg, Aaron (2016-02-28)
      This is interactive software that attempts to represent aspects of the experience of the chemical salvinorin A on the brain's Kappa Opioid Receptor. It proceduralizes a dysphoric time-stutter.
    • Thinning 

      Oldenburg, Aaron (2016-06-27)
      This is an exploration of the unique spatial properties of the psychoactive chemical salvinorin A. It is a simulation of curved repetition, loss of time and location, feelings of familiarity, directional movement losing ...