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    • Unique Down to Our Microbes—Assessment of an Inquiry-Based Metagenomics Activity 

      Lentz, Thomas B.; Ott, Laura E.; Robertson, Sabrina D.; Windsor, Sarah C.; Kelley, Joshua B.; Wollenberg, Michael S.; Dunn, Robert R.; Goller, Carlos C. (American Society for Microbiology, 2017-06)
      Metagenomics is an important method for studying microbial life. However, undergraduate exposure to metagenomics is hindered by associated software, computing demands, and dataset access. In this inquiry-based activity ...
    • Using Clickers for Deliberate Practice in Five Large Science Courses 

      Hodges, Linda C.; Anderson, Eric C.; Carpenter, Tara S.; Cui, Lili; Feeser, Elizabeth A.; Gierasch, Tiffany Malinky (NSTA, 2017-11-01)
      Clickers are often used as an active learning tool in face-to-face classes to enhance student engagement and assess student learning. In this article we share the variety of ways that we use clicker questions ...
    • Using Reading Quizzes in STEM Classes—The What, Why, and How 

      Hodges, Linda C.; Anderson, Eric C.; Carpenter, Tara S.; Cui, Lili; Gierasch, Tiffany Malinky; Leupen, Sarah; Nanes, Kalman M.; Wagner, Cynthia R. (National Science Teachers Association, 2015)
      Many active learning pedagogies depend on students' preparing for class in advance. One common method for holding students accountable for this preparation is the use of reading quizzes. When used thoughtfully, reading ...