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    • A modified approach to team-based learning in linear algebra courses 

      Nanes, Kalman M. (Taylor and Francis Online, 2014-05-29)
      This paper documents the author's adaptation of team-based learning (TBL), an active learning pedagogy developed by Larry Michaelsen and others, in the linear algebra classroom. The paper discusses the standard components ...
    • Using Reading Quizzes in STEM Classes—The What, Why, and How 

      Hodges, Linda C.; Anderson, Eric C.; Carpenter, Tara S.; Cui, Lili; Gierasch, Tiffany Malinky; Leupen, Sarah; Nanes, Kalman M.; Wagner, Cynthia R. (National Science Teachers Association, 2015)
      Many active learning pedagogies depend on students' preparing for class in advance. One common method for holding students accountable for this preparation is the use of reading quizzes. When used thoughtfully, reading ...