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    • Data colonialism through accumulation by dispossession: New metaphors for daily data 

      Thatcher, Jim; O'Sullivan, David; Mahmoudi, Dillon (Sage, 2015)
      In recent years, much has been written on ‘big data’ in both the popular and academic press. After the hubristic declaration of the “end of theory” more nuanced arguments have emerged, suggesting that increasingly pervasive ...
    • Revisiting Critical GIS 

      Thatcher, Jim; Bergmann, Luke; Ricker, Britta; Rose-Redwood, Reuben; O'Sullivan, David; Barnes, Trevor J.; Barnesmoore, Luke R.; Imaoka, Laura Beltz; Burns, Rick; Cinnamon, Jonathan; Dalton, Craig M.; Davis, Clinton; Dunn, Stuart; Harvey, Francis; Jung, Jin-Kyu; Kersten, Ellen; Knigge, LaDona; Lally, Nick; Lin, Wen; Mahmoudi, Dillon; Martin, Michael; Payne, Will; Sheikh, Amir; Shelton, Taylor; Sheppard, Eric; Strother, Chris W.; Tarr, Alexander; Wilson, Matthew W.; Young, Jason C. (Sage, 2015)
      The article looks into the critical geographic information science (GIS) in approaching questions both emerging and enduring around the intersection of the spatial and the digital. It offers trading zones for discussion ...