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    • The ephemerality of secondary forests in southern Costa Rica 

      Reid, J. Leighton; Fagan, Matthew E.; Lucas, James; Slaughter, Joshua; Zahawi, Rakan A. (Wiley Periodicals, 2018-09-26)
      Secondary forests are increasingly recognized for conserving biodiversity and mitigating global climate change, but these and other desired outcomes can only be achieved after decades of regeneration, and secondary forests ...
    • How Long Do Restored Ecosystems Persist? 

      Reid, J. Leighton; Wilson, Sarah J.; Bloomfield, Gillian S.; Cattau, Megan E.; Fagan, Matthew E.; Holl, Karen D.; Zahawi, Rakan A. (Missouri Botanical Garden, 2017)
      Why do some restored ecosystems persist for centuries while others are quickly converted to alternative land uses or land covers? We propose that restored ecosystems have a temporal dimension that is variable, often finite, ...
    • Positive site selection bias in meta-analyses comparing natural regeneration to active forest restoration 

      Read, J. Leighton; Fagan, Matthew E.; Zahawi, Rakan A. (AAAS, 2018)
      Several recent meta-analyses have aimed to determine whether natural regeneration is more effective at recovering tropical forests than active restoration (for example, tree planting). We reviewed this literature and found ...