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    • Virtual Reality and Photogrammetry for Improved Reproducibility of Human-Robot Interaction Studies 

      Murnane, Mark; Breitmeyer, Max; Matuszek, Cynthia; Engel, Don (IEEE, 2019-08-15)
      Collecting data in robotics, especially human-robot interactions, traditionally requires a physical robot in a prepared environment, which presents substantial scalability challenges. First, robots provide many possible ...
    • A Digital Dashboard for Supporting Online Student Teamwork 

      Ahuja, Rohan; Khan, Daniyal; Symonette, Danilo; desJardins, Marie; Stacey, Simon; Engel, Don (Association for Computing Machinery, 2019-11)
      Teamwork skills are crucial to college students, both at university and afterwards. However, few tools exist to monitor student teamwork and to help students develop teamwork skills. We present a tool which collects the ...
    • Operational and Fiscal Management of Core Facilities: A Survey of Chief Research Officers 

      Carter, Jason R.; Delahanty, Douglas L.; Strasser, Jane E.; Knoedler, Alicia J.; Wilson, Gillian; Davis, Ralph K.; Engel, Don (Society of Research Administrators International, 2019-12-09)
      Sharing research equipment and personnel across investigators and laboratories has a long-standing history within research universities. However, the coordinated management of centralized, shared resources (i.e., core ...