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    • AXIS Advanced X-ray Imaging Satellite 

      Mushotzky, Richard F.; Aird, James; Barger, Amy J.; Cappelluti, Nico; Chartas, George; Corrales, Lia; Eufrasio, Rafael; Fabian, Andrew C.; Falcone, Abraham D.; Gallo, Elena; Gilli, Roberto; Grant, Catherine E.; Hardcastle, Martin; Hodges-Kluck, Edmund; Kara, Erin; Koss, Michael; Li, Hui; Lisse, Carey M.; Loewenstein, Michael; Markevitch, Maxim; Meyer, Eileen T.; Miller, Eric D.; Mulchaey, John; Petre, Robert; Ptak, Andrew J.; Reynolds, Christopher S.; Russell, Helen R.; Safi-Harb, Samar; Smith, Randall K.; Snios, Bradford; Tombesi, Francesco; Valencic, Lynne; Walker, Stephen A.; Williams, Brian J.; Winter, Lisa M.; Yamaguchi, Hiroya; Zhang, William W. (2019-03-11)
      Much of the baryonic matter in the Universe, including the most active and luminous sources, are best studied in the X-ray band. Key advances in X-ray optics and detectors have paved the way for the Advanced X-ray Imaging ...