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    • Client Experiences of Trauma-Informed Care in Social Service Agencies 

      Kusmaul, Nancy; Wolf, Molly R.; Sahoo, Shalini; Green, Susan A.; Nochajski, Thomas H (Taylor & Francis, 2018-10-25)
      This paper describes a qualitative study of individual client interviews (n = 26) from four social service agencies to understand how clients experience trauma-informed care services and implementation challenges. We used ...
    • COVID-19 and Maryland’s Older Adults 

      Millar, Roberto J.; Sahoo, Shalini; Yamashita, Takashi (UMBC Center for Aging Studies, 2020-06-02)
      Older Marylanders (80 + years old), who make a large majority of long-term care residents, have the highest risk of contracting and dying from COVID-19. Complying with the preventive measures suggested by the Maryland ...
    • Hypothesis Testing of CNA Perceptions of Organizational Culture in Long Term Care 

      Kusmaul, Nancy; Sahoo, Shalini (Informa UK Limited, 2019-02-06)
      This commentary for the special issue on research that went wrong describes a study that explored factors that contribute to variability within Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) on organizational safety culture. We know ...
    • Oldest-old Adults Face Higher Risk of COVID-19 Mortality 

      Sahoo, Shalini; Roberto, Millar; Takashi, Yamashita (2020-04-30)
    • Problem-Solving Skills of the U.S. Workforce and Preparedness for Job Automation 

      Cummins, Phyllis A.; Yamashita, Takashi; Millar, Roberto J.; Sahoo, Shalini (SAGE journals, 2019-01-13)
      Automation and advanced technologies have increased the need for a better understanding of the skills necessary to have a globally competitive workforce. This study used data from the Program for the International Assessment ...