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    • Anti-Reflecting Surfaces Using Two-layer Motheye Structures for Spinel Ceramic Windows 

      Tu, Chaoran; Menyuk, Curtis R. (2018-09)
      We design and optimize a two-layer pyramid motheye structures for long wavelength MgAl₂O₄ spinel ceramic windows. We show that a two-layer pyramid motheye structure can achieve average transmission of 98.96% from 0.5 µm to 5 µm.
    • HLTCOE Participation in TAC KBP 2016: Cold Start and EDL 

      Finin, Tim; Lawrie, Dawn; Mayfield, James; McNamee, Paul; Laspesa, Jessa; Latman, Micheal (National Institute of Standards and Technology, 2016-11-14)
      The JHU HLTCOE participated in the Cold Start and the Entity Discovery and Linking tasks of the 2016 Text Analysis Conference Knowledge Base Population evaluation. For our fifth year of participation in Cold Start we ...
    • Third-Order Nonlinear Optical Properties of ALD Grown TiO₂ Films by Thermally Managed Z-scan Method 

      Basaldua, I.; Burkins, P.; Kuis, R.; Kropp, J. A.; Gougousi, T.; Johnson, A. M. (Optical Society of America, 2018)
      Thermally managed Z-scan performed on ALD grown TiO₂ films demonstrated n₂ values of 1.7×10⁻¹¹ and 1.94 × 10⁻¹⁰cm²/W for films grown at 100°C and 250°C, respectively – greater than 1000X that of other growth methods.