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    • Bringing Out the Best in Virtual Teams 

      Schoenfeld, Janet; Berge, Zane (IGI Global Disseminator of Knowledge, 2009)
      The use of computer-mediated communication (CMC) is more popular than ever in both educational and corporate settings. Schools and corporations are using virtual communication to replace or supplement in-person classes and ...

      Kowalewski, Caitlin; Stanwyck, Liz; LaCourse, William R.
      UMBC, a diverse public research university, has a reputation for producing highly capable undergraduate scholars. Unfortunately, many students place into mathematics courses at a lower level than those that offer degree ...
    • Dealing With Language Gap in a Hungarian-English Early Childhood Classroom 

      Csillik, Eva; Golubeva, Irina
      The term ‘translanguaging' has been widespread in the field of Applied Linguistics in a short period of time, and just as quickly, it infiltrated in the field of Multilingual Education. Translanguaging is mostly seen as ...
    • Distance Education in Telemedicine and M-Health Initiatives in Therapeutic Patient Education 

      Rueter, Sean; Berge, Zane L. (IGI Global Disseminator of Knowledge, 2016)
    • Introduction: issues in social choice and voting 

      Heckelman, Jac C.; Miller, Nicholas R. (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2015-12-18)
    • Leadership Competency in Virtual Teams 

      Petska, Deborah; Berge, Zane (IGI Global Disseminator of Knowledge, 2009)
      As organizations race to increase their global market share, traditional face-to-face teams are evolving into virtual teams. Aided by swift advances in communication technology, virtual teams allow organizations to pool ...
    • Ontology Pattern Modeling for Cross-Repository Data Integration in the Ocean Sciences: The Oceanographic Cruise Example 

      Krisnadhi, Adila A.; Arko, Robert; Carbotte, Suzanne; Chandler, Cynthia; Cheatham, Michelle; Finin, Tim; Hitzler, Pascal; Janowicz, Krzysztof; Narock, Thomas; Raymond, Lisa; Wiebe, Peter (IOS Press, 2015-06-01)
      EarthCube is a major effort of the National Science Foundation to establish a next-generation knowledge architecture for the broader geosciences. Data storage, retrieval, access, and reuse are central parts of this new ...
    • Parents Views And Rules About Technology: As Told By Their Middle School Children in Hungary and India 

      Weaver, Kathleen; Komlodi, Anita; Wang, Jieyu; Joshi, Karuna Pande; Sellei, Beatrix (Murdoch University, Australia, 2012-06-18)
      To help us explore parental attitudes towards and usage of technology, we interviewed students ages 10-15 in Hungary and India in focus groups regarding their technology use. This paper focuses on the preliminary results ...
    • A semantic similarity analysis for data mappings between heterogeneous XML schemas 

      Kim, Jaewook; Peng, Yun (IGI Global, 2010-01-01)
      One of the most critical steps to integrating heterogeneous e-Business applications using different XML schemas is schema mapping, which is known to be costly and error-prone. Past research on schema mapping has not made ...
    • Strategic Planning for E-Learning in the Workplace 

      Berge, Zane L.; Giles, Lenora (IGI Global Disseminator of Knowledge, 2008)
      New information and communication technology, specifically computer networked systems, create both a demand and an opportunity for businesses to approach training and knowledge management from new perspectives. These new ...
    • Teaching Style in the Online Classroom 

      Campbell, Debra; Berge, Zane L. (IGI Global Disseminator of Knowledge, 2009)
      As with the long line of learning technologies that preceded it, the integration of online classrooms has progressed beyond the experimental stage and entered the mainstream at many colleges and universities. Today, more ...
    • Translanguaging Practices in a Hungarian-English Early Childhood Classroom 

      Golubeva, Irina; Csillik, Eva
      After a brief overview of translanguaging research carried out in the past, this chapter introduces how Hungarian-English emergent bilingual children used translanguaging practices during play time in a Hungarian-English ...
    • User-centric Smart Services on the Cloud 

      Joshi, Karuna Pande; Yesha, Yelena; Ozok, Ant; Yesha, Yaacov; Lahane, Ashwini; Kalva, Hari; Agarwal, Ankur; Furht, Borko (2010-10-31)
      In this chapter we describe our vision for the next generation of IT services. Services will be automatically discovered, procured and integrated with the service consumer’s technical environment. This whole process will ...
    • Virtual Worlds : Corporate Early Adopters Pave the Way 

      Lithgow, Catherine M. J.; Wolf, Judi L. Davidson; Berge, Zane L. (IGI Global Disseminator of Knowledge, 2011)
      Multi-user virtual environments (MUVEs), the most popular of which is Second Life, have great potential to provide engaging, interactive content to today’s students using both synchronous and asynchronous delivery. ...
    • Where Does Work End and Home Life Begin? 

      Berge, Zane L.; Bichy, Cassie; Grayson, Candice; Johnson, Anthony; Macadoff, Stephen; Nee, Kathryn (IGI Global Disseminator of Knowledge, 2009)
      Many years ago, it was a commonly held belief that technology would improve industries and service professions, which means that people could work shorter hours and their employers would make just as much money. Essentially, ...