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    • Agent Communication Languages and Agent Coordination 

      Cost, R. Scott; Labrou, Yannis K.; Finin, Tim (Springer-Verlag, 2000-07-01)
    • The SOUPA Ontology for Pervasive Computing 

      Chen, Harry; Finin, Tim; Joshi, Anupam (Springer Nature Switzerland AG., 2004-04-29)
      This paper describes SOUPA (Standard Ontology for Ubiquitous and Pervasive Applications) and the use of this ontology in building the Context Broker Architecture (CoBrA). CoBrA is a new agent architecture for supporting ...
    • Student Engagement in Active Learning Classes 

      Hodges, Linda C. (Springer, Cham, 2020-02-24)
      As the evidence for the value of active learning in STEM classes grows, questions arise about how to implement such approaches to maximize their effectiveness. Definitions of active learning can lead us to believe that if ...
    • Team-Based Learning in STEM and the Health Sciences 

      Leupen, Sarah (Springer, Cham, 2020-02-24)
      Team-Based Learning (TBL) is a collaborative learning pedagogy in which students work in permanent teams during class time to solve discipline-relevant problems. TBL has been shown to improve scores on measurements of ...