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    • Knowledge Graph Inference using Tensor Embedding 

      Ankur Padia; Kalpakis, Kostantinos; Ferraro, Francis; Finin, Tim (2020-09-12)
      Axiom based inference provides a clear and consistent way of reasoning to add more information to a knowledge graph. However, constructing a set of axioms is expensive and requires domain expertise, time, and money. It is ...
    • Neuron Mid-Infrared Absorption Study for Direct Optical Excitation of Neurons 

      Guo, Dingkai; Chen, Xing; Vadala, Shilpa; Leach, Jennie; Choa, Fow-Sen (IEEE, 2011-10-09)
      Neuron optical excitations are important for brain-circuitry explorations and sensory-neuron-stimulation applications. To optimize the stimulation, we identify neuron mid-IR absorption peaks in this study and discuss their ...