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    • Impacts of Quantum Chemistry Calculations on Exoplanetary Science, Planetary Astronomy, and Astrophysics 

      Kao, Der-you; Gacesa, Marko; Wentzcovitch, Renata M.; Domagal-Goldman, Shawn; Kopparapu, Ravi K.; Klippenstein, Stephen J.; Charnley, Steven B.; Henning, Wade G.; Renaud, Joe; Romani, Paul; Lee, Yuni; Nixon, Conor A.; Jackson, Koblar A.; Cordiner, Martin A.; Lombardo, Nicholas A.; Wieman, Scott; Airapetian, Vladimir; Allen, Veronica; Pidhorodetska, Daria; Kohler, Erika; Moses, Julianne; Livengood, Timothy A.; Simkus, Danielle N.; Planavsky, Noah J.; Dong, Chuanfei; Yuen, David A.; Berg, Arie van den; Pavlov, Alexander A.; Fortney, Jonathan J. (American Astronomical Society, 2019-05)
      Quantum chemical simulations have matured enough to describe real systems with an accuracy that competes with experiments. Several existing quantum chemical studies supporting exoplanetary science are described, and the ...