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    • An aesthetic challenge to education: Against a damaged subjectivity 

      Antunes, Deborah Christina (2015)
      This paper aims to reflect on the potential identified by Theodor W. Adorno in his Aesthetic Theory with respect to the subjectification process towards human emancipation. We begin from the complaint art/commodity within ...
    • Contributions to a critical pedagogy in Latin America since the footsteps of Simon Rodriguez 

      Ortiz, Mariana
      Mariana Ortiz is from Mendoza, Argentina. The city where she lives is a thousand kilometers from Buenos Aires. In Mendoza she works as a teacher at all levels (high school, college and university). In Latin America teaching ...
    • Marcuse and education today 

      Norwood, Karina R. (2015)
      Unlike other significant contributors to political theory, such as Karl Marx, C. Wright Mills, and W.E.B. Du Bois, the critiques of Herbert Marcuse remain trapped in the 1960s era of radicalism with his work referenced by ...