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    • Detroit: A White Woman's Recollection. Essays on Fifteen Years of Living in The Motor City 

      Farrell Azuta, Michele (2019-01-29)
      Detroit: A White Woman’s Recollection
    • The Lies I Tell 

      Brooks, Susette (2019-07-01)
      On June 11, 1992, the trajectory of Susette’s four-year-old life took a wide turn when her college-bound brother died suddenly on the basketball court where he played every day of his young life. Whatever dreams their ...
    • Trill: A Song/Book of Revelations & Reckonings from a Southern Black Girlhood and Beyond 

      Manora, Yolanda (2020-01-13)
      A lyric essay/prose poetry memoir project about Southern black girlhood & womanhood and navigating the material and metaphysical spaces between the Civil Rights and #BlackLivesMatter Movements both at home in the American ...
    • The Last Horserace 

      Arvesen, Brandon (2020-05-20)
      Brandon Arvesen’s creative thesis, “The Last Horserace,” follows the author’s father, James, as he attempts to conjure up one last win. James, a semi-retired statistician and professional gambler, finds a new and altogether ...
    • What We Don't Say 

      Lyon-Vaiden, Catherine (2020-06-01)
      This manuscript is a memoir in essay form. Placed in succession, the essays tell the story of a young woman attempting to navigate life outside the boundaries of Christianity, wellness culture, and motherhood in a social ...
    • On Religion and Identity: Defining Faith on My Terms 

      Stall, Laura (2020-06-10)
      Her mother is Jewish, her father is Christian—and more recently, a seminarian and pastor-in-training—and she is disillusioned with the tradition of church and organized religion. But for whatever reason, Laura could never ...
    • A Cold Humidity 

      Morris, Rebekah (2020-06-20)
      A Cold Humidity by Rebekah Morris is a personal memoir—centered around the stories of women from a rekindling family as they attempt to break free from patterns of insecurity and desperation in the working class Midwest ...
    • Nostalgia 

      Pellegrin, Andre (2020-06-22)
      Nοσταλγία (Nostalgía): A Philosophical Return to my Traumatic Childhood is a memoir exploring my relationship with my father as I grew up in a household of tyrannical, narcissistic abuse. It is a reflection of what it means ...
    • 59 WEEKS 

      Atkins, Stephanie M. (2020-06-23)
    • The Attention Wars: How We Misunderstand Attention and What's Actually Affecting Our Ability to Focus 

      Clemons, Anthony (2020-08-24)
      The Attention Wars is a story about how we misunderstand attention and what's actually affecting our ability to focus. Throughout the book, I debunk the belief that our attention is dwindling and show examples from gaming ...
    • Racing Ourselves: Stories from the Frontlines of Suburban Striver Culture 

      Gaines-Buchler, Emily (2020-12-18)
      In Racing Ourselves: Stories from the Frontlines of Suburban Striver Culture, author Emily Gaines Buchler delves into the hypercompetitive achievement culture in which she lives, works, and raises a family, Towson, Maryland, ...
    • Marvelous in Our Eyes: A Son’s Pilgrimage to Find Meaning in His Parent’s Lives 

      Friedland, Bruce (2020-12-31)
      This memoir recounts the author’s efforts to make sense of his father, his mother and his own difficulties growing up. His father, Edward Friedland was a Brooklyn-born, MIT-educated whiz kid of the 1950s, who came of age ...
    • Scenes From A Mental Illness 

      Dale, Anita (2021-01-11)
      This memoir is written in a conversational style from a sister to her brother who suffered from paranoid schizophrenia. The story spans forty-four years focusing on the period between formal diagnosis in 1977 and the ...
    • Secret Agent My Father and Me 

      Tazewell, Anne
      This manuscript is an investigative memoir about my father James M Eichelberger, a CIA agent in Cairo and Beirut in the 1950’s and 60s, a Middle East oil consultant, a WWII spy for the French Resistance and a man who died ...