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    • 59 WEEKS 

      Atkins, Stephanie M. (2020-06-23)
    • The Attention Wars: How We Misunderstand Attention and What's Actually Affecting Our Ability to Focus 

      Clemons, Anthony (2020-08-24)
      The Attention Wars is a story about how we misunderstand attention and what's actually affecting our ability to focus. Throughout the book, I debunk the belief that our attention is dwindling and show examples from gaming ...
    • Before They Go 

      MacMillan, Brooke (2017-01-09)
      This manuscript explores the world’s fastest-growing demographic: the elderly. We are moving into a hyper-aging era in which people are living longer — the average life expectancy increases by more than five hours a day. ...
    • A Cold Humidity 

      Morris, Rebekah (2020-06-20)
      A Cold Humidity by Rebekah Morris is a personal memoir—centered around the stories of women from a rekindling family as they attempt to break free from patterns of insecurity and desperation in the working class Midwest ...

      Ramsey-Jevne, Juanita (2017-07-06)
      Death, Take My Hand is a memoir about witnessing death in many forms, told without pathos, and with a surprising degree of beauty and joy. The main thread traces first my mother-in-law in 2014, then my husband in 2017, as ...
    • Edith Houghton Hooker: A Life 

      Myers, Margaret Grace (2018-06-29)
    • Exile and Return 

      Buskey, Megan (2017-07)
      Most think of World War II in black and white terms. For millions of people throughout Eastern Europe, however, the experience was much more complicated. Following the death of my grandmother, I set out to trace my Ukrainian ...

      Pfennig Hales, Rachel (2017-01-09)
      This is my community. These are my friends. This is my workplace, and at times, has been my address. Concert touring asks us to be flexible, smart, and quick on our feet. We have to be easy going and balls to the wall, ...
    • The Last Horserace 

      Arvesen, Brandon (2020-05-20)
      Brandon Arvesen’s creative thesis, “The Last Horserace,” follows the author’s father, James, as he attempts to conjure up one last win. James, a semi-retired statistician and professional gambler, finds a new and altogether ...
    • The Law of Historical Memory 

      Lecuona, Adriana (2017-01)
      Experimenting with various shifts of narrative address, The Law of Historical Memory is a memoir in four parts that examines the fragmentation of my selfhood and my family relationships. I reflect upon the past through the ...
    • Midnight Marauders: A Quest Narrative 

      Burke, Porscha (2017-01-09)
      Midnight Marauders: A Quest Narrative offers a nostalgic trek through the New York of 1993, the golden era hip-hop scene, and a Queens girl’s coming of age. A Tribe Called Quest—Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Jarobi, Phife Dawg, ...
    • Miss Adventure: My Life as a Geologist, Explorer, and Professional Risk-Taker 

      Phoenix, Jess (2018-12)
      Miss Adventure: My Life as a Geologist, Explorer, and Professional Risk-Taker plunges into the volatile reality of modern field science. Worlds away from the sterile lab environment associated with scientific research, ...

      Slater, Stefan A. (2016)
      The New Wilderness: Redesigning the World for the Benefit of Man and Animal is an examination of the urban wilderness, and how we, as a society, will have to protect this wilderness in order to guarantee the survival of ...
    • Nobody Wants To Leave Their Country: New Immigration Lessons From An Old Virginia County 

      Lemons, Jane Fullerton (2017-01)
      This thesis, Nobody Wants To Leave Their Country: New Immigration Lessons From An Old Virginia County, examines how the current immigration situation in Prince William County, Virginia, mirrors the demographic changes ...
    • Nostalgia 

      Pellegrin, Andre (2020-06-22)
      Nοσταλγία (Nostalgía): A Philosophical Return to my Traumatic Childhood is a memoir exploring my relationship with my father as I grew up in a household of tyrannical, narcissistic abuse. It is a reflection of what it means ...
    • On Religion and Identity: Defining Faith on My Terms 

      Stall, Laura (2020-06-10)
      Her mother is Jewish, her father is Christian—and more recently, a seminarian and pastor-in-training—and she is disillusioned with the tradition of church and organized religion. But for whatever reason, Laura could never ...
    • Other Side of the Gun 

      MFA in Creative Nonfiction (2019-01-15)