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    • Working landscapes need at least 20% native habitat 

      Garibaldi, Lucas A.; Oddi, Facundo J.; Miguez, Fernando E.; Bartomeus, Ignasi; Orr, Michael C.; Jobbágy, Esteban G.; Kremen, Claire; Schulte, Lisa A.; Hughes, Alice C.; Bagnato, Camilo; Abramson, Guillermo; Bridgewater, Peter; Carella, Dulce Gomez; Díaz, Sandra; Dicks, Lynn V.; Ellis, Erle C.; Goldenberg, Matías; Huaylla, Claudia A.; Kuperman, Marcelo; Locke, Harvey; Mehrabi, Zia; Santibañez, Fernanda; Zhu, Chao-Dong (Wiley, 2020-10-25)
      International agreements aim to conserve 17% of Earth's land area by 2020 but include no area‐based conservation targets within the working landscapes that support human needs through farming, ranching, and forestry. Through ...