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    • The Development and Evaluation of a Statewide Training Center for Home Visitors and Supervisors 

      Schultz, David A.; Schacht, Rebecca L.; Shanty, Lisa M.; Dahlquist, Lynnda M.; Barry, Robin A.; Wiprovnick, Alicia E.; Groth, Elisabeth C.; Gaultney, Wendy M.; Hunter, Bronwyn A.; DiClemente, Carlo C. (Wiley Periodicals, 2019-03-09)
      This paper informs practice in community‐based home visiting workforce development by describing the development and evaluation of a university‐based training certificate program for home visitors and supervisors. The ...
    • Which foods should a child with food allergy avoid? The role of parental knowledge in food avoidance appraisals 

      Steiner, Emily M.; Byrne, Danielle Weiss; Dahlquist, Lynnda M.; Hahn, Amy L.; Bollinger, Mary Elizabeth (Taylor & Francis, 2020-08-31)
      This study explored factors that influence the accuracy of caregivers’ appraisals of the foods their children with food allergy should avoid. Seventy-two caregivers of children with food allergy completed measures of ...