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    • Competition between positive and negative reinforcement in the treatment of escape behavior 

      Lalli, Joseph S.; Vollmer, Timothy R.; Progar, Patrick R.; Wright, Carrie; Borrero, John; Daniel, Dency; Barthold, Christine Hoffner; Tocco, Kathy; May, William (Wiley Online Library, 1999-08)
      We compared the effects of reinforcing compliance with either positive reinforcement (edible items) or negative reinforcement (a break) on 5 participants' escape-maintained problem behavior. Both procedures were assessed ...
    • Evaluating self-control and impulsivity in children with severe behavior disorders 

      Vollmer, Timothy R.; Borrero, John C.; Lalli, Joseph S.; Daniel, Dency (Wiley Online Library, 1999-11)
      Impulsivity and self-control involve a choice between a smaller, more immediate reinforcer and a larger, more delayed reinforcer. Impulsive behavior occurs when responding produces the more immediate, relatively smaller ...