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    • The CATS Hackathon: Creating and Refining Test Items for Cybersecurity Concept Inventories 

      Sherman, Alan T.; Oliva, Linda; Golaszewski, Enis; Phatak, Dhananjay; Scheponik, Travis; Herman, Geoffrey L.; Choi, Dong San; Offenberger, Spencer E.; Peterson, Peter; Dykstra, Josiah; Bard, Gregory V.; Chattopadhyay, Ankur; Sharevski, Filipo; Verma, Rakesh; Vrecenar, Ryan (2019-01-29)
      For two days in February 2018, 17 cybersecurity educators and professionals from government and industry met in a "hackathon" to refine existing draft multiple-choice test items, and to create new ones, for a Cybersecurity ...