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    • Antimicrobial Use in a Cohort of US Nursing Homes, 2017 

      Stone, Nimalie D.; Brown, Cedric J.; Penna, Austin R.; Eure, Taniece R.; Bamberg, Wendy M.; Barney, Grant R.; Barter, Devra; Clogher, Paula; DeSilva, Malini B.; Dumyati, Ghinwa; Frank, Linda; Felsen, Christina B.; Godine, Deborah; Irizarry, Lourdes; Kainer, Marion A.; Li, Linda; Lynfield, Ruth; Mahoehney, J. P.; Maloney, Meghan; Nadle, Joelle; Ocampo, Valerie L. S.; Pierce, Rebecca; Ray, Susan M.; Davis, Sarah Shrum; Sievers, Marla; Srinivasan, Krithika; Wilson, Lucy E.; Zhang, Alexia Y.; Magill, Shelley S.
      Importance Controlling antimicrobial resistance in health care is a public health priority, although data describing antimicrobial use in US nursing homes are limited. Objective To measure the prevalence of antimicrobial ...