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    • Antimicrobial Use in US Hospitals: Comparison of Results From Emerging Infections Program Prevalence Surveys, 2015 and 2011  

      Magill, Shelley S; O’Leary, Erin; Ray, Susan M; Kainer, Marion A; Evans, Christopher; Bamberg, Wendy M; Johnston, Helen; Janelle, Sarah J; Oyewumi, Tolulope; Lynfield, Ruth; Rainbow, Jean; Warnke, Linn; Nadle, Joelle; Thompson, Deborah L; Sharmin, Shamima; Pierce, Rebecca; Zhang, Alexia Y; Ocampo, Valerie; Maloney, Meghan; Greissman, Samantha; Wilson, Lucy E; Dumyati, Ghinwa; Edwards, Jonathan R; Emerging Infections Program Hospital Prevalence Survey Team (Oxford Academic, 2020-06-10)
      Background In the 2011 US hospital prevalence survey of healthcare-associated infections and antimicrobial use 50% of patients received antimicrobial medications on the survey date or day before. More hospitals have since ...