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    • Attitudes towards cannabis use and genetic testing for schizophrenia 

      Schiffman, Jason; Lawrence, Ryan E.; Demro, Caroline; Appelbaum, Paul S.; Dixon, Lisa B. (Wiley Online Library, 2014-06-23)
      Aim Within schizophrenia, genetic factors contribute greatly to risk, yet genetic testing for the disorder is not available. For some individuals with specific genotypes, cannabis use may increase risk of schizophrenia. ...
    • Attitudes Towards Clinical Trials Among Patients with Sickle Cell Disease 

      Haywood, Carlton Jr.; Lanzkron, Sophie; Diener-West, Marie; Haythornthwaite, Jennifer; Strouse, John J.; Bediako, Shawn; Onojobi, Gladys; Beach, Mary Catherine; IMPORT Investigators (SAGE, 2014-02-13)
      Background A substantial number of planned clinical trials for sickle cell disease (SCD) have terminated early due to insufficient patient enrollment. Purpose To describe attitudes toward clinical trials among a sample ...
    • Audiovisual Lexical Retrieval Deficits Following Left Hemisphere Stroke 

      Hanna-Pladdy, Brenda; Choi, Hyun; Herman, Brian; Haffey, Spenser (MDPI, 2018-11-28)
      Binding sensory features of multiple modalities of what we hear and see allows formation of a coherent percept to access semantics. Previous work on object naming has focused on visual confrontation naming with limited ...
    • Authoritative parenting among immigrant Chinese mothers of preschoolers 

      Cheah, Charissa S. L.; Leung, Christy Y. Y.; Tahseen, Madiha; Schultz, David (American Psychological Association, 2013-07-28)
      The goals of this study were: (a) to examine authoritative parenting style among Chinese immigrant mothers of young children, (b) to test the mediational mechanism between authoritative parenting style and children’s ...
    • Back Story – Summer 2014 

      UMBC Alumni (UMBC Magazine, 2014-07-02)
    • Baseline Measurement of Running Away Among Youth in Foster Care 

      Witherup, Luanne R.; Vollmer, Timothy R.; Van Camp, Carole M.; Goh, Han-Leong; Borrero, John C.; Mayfield, Kristin (Wiley Online Library, 2008-08)
      The current study evaluated the use of various behavioral measures of running away with regard to (a) the differential utility of interval- versus event-based measures, (b) the differential utility of rate versus duration ...
    • Beat gestures and postural control in youth at ultrahigh risk for psychosis 

      Osborne, K. Juston; Bernard, Jessica A.; Gupta, Tina; Dean, Derek J.; Millman, Zachary; Vargas, Teresa; Ristanovic, Ivanka; Schiffman, Jason; Mittal, Vijay A. (Elsevier, 2016-11-30)
      Beat gestures, rhythmic hand movements that co-occur with speech, appear to be uniquely associated with the cerebellum in healthy individuals. This behavior may also have relevance for psychosis-risk youth, a group ...
    • Behavioral Economics: Principles, Procedures, and Utility for Applied Behavior Analysis 

      Francisco, Monica T.; Madden, Gregory J.; Borrero, John (American Psychological Association, 2009)
      Behavioral economics is the merger of microeconomic principles with the procedures and principles of the experimental analysis of behavior. This review describes two branches of behavioral economic research: variables ...
    • Being Wakeful 

      Deluty, Robert H. (Otter Bay Books, 2015)
    • Between Nothing and All 

      Deluty, Robert H. (Otter Bay Books, 2011)
    • Beyond Emotion Regulation: Emotion Utilization and Adaptive Functioning 

      Izard, Carroll; Stark, Kevin; Trentacosta, Christopher; Schultz, David (2009-12-01)
      Recent research indicates that emotionality, emotion information processing, emotion knowledge, and discrete emotion experiences may influence and interact with emotion utilization, that is, the effective use of the ...
    • Biobehavioral aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic 

      Hall, Peter A.; Sheeran, Paschal; Fong, Geoffrey T.; Cheah, Charissa S.L.; Oremus, Mark; Liu-Ambrose, Teresa; Sakib, Mohammad Nazmus; Butt, Zahid; Ayaz, Hasan; Jandu, Narveen; Morita, Plinio P. (American Psychosomatic Society, 2021-02-23)
      Objectives This review highlights the scope and significance of the COVID-19 pandemic with a focus on biobehavioral aspects, as well as critical avenues for research. Methods A narrative review of the published ...
    • Biochemical and Hematological Correlates of Elevated Homocysteine in National Surveys 

      Beydoun, May A.; Beydoun, Hind A.; MacIver, Peter H.; Hossain, Sharmin; Canas, Jose A.; Evans, Michele K.; Zonderman, Alan B. (MDPI, 2020-03-30)
      Elevated blood homocysteine (Hcy) among middle-aged adults can increase age-related disease risk, possibly through other biochemical and hematological markers. We selected markers for hyperhomocysteinemia among middle-aged ...
    • Change Institutional Culture, and You Change Who Goes into Science 

      Hrabowski III, Freeman A.; Maton, Kenneth I. (American Association of University Professors (AAUP), 2009-06)
    • Characterizing Response-Reinforcer Relations in the Natural Environment: Exploratory Matching Analyses 

      Sy, Jolene R.; Borrero, John C.; Borrero, Carrie S.W. (Springer Nature Switzerland AG., 2017-05-29)
      We assessed problem and appropriate behavior in the natural environment from a matching perspective. Problem and appropriate behavior were conceptualized as concurrently available responses, the occurrence of which was ...

      Deluty, Robert H.
    • Childhood Motor Coordination and Adult Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders 

      Schiffman, Jason; Sorensen, Holger J.; Maeda, Justin; Mortensen, Erik L.; Victoroff, Jeff; Hayashi, Kentaro; Michelsen, Niels M.; Ekstrom, Morten; Mednick, Sarnoff (American Psychiatric Association, 2009-09-01)
      Objective: The authors examined whether motor coordination difficulties assessed in childhood predict later adult schizophrenia spectrum outcomes. Method: A standardized childhood neurological examination was administered ...
    • Childhood Trauma and Dissociative Intimate Partner Violence 

      Webermann, Aliya R.; Murphy, Christopher M. (Sage, 2018)
      The present study assesses childhood abuse/neglect as a predictor of dissociative intimate partner violence (IPV) among 118 partner-abusive men. One third (36%) endorsed dissociative IPV, most commonly losing control (18%), ...
    • Chinese American children’s temperamental shyness and responses to peer victimization as moderated by maternal praise 

      Gao, Dan; Hart, Craig H.; Cheah, Charissa S. L.; Balkaya, Merve; Vu, Kathy T. T.; Liu, Junsheng (American Psychological Association, 2020-11-01)
      This study examined the relations between Chinese American children’s temperamental shyness and their assertive and submissive responses to peer victimization. The mediating role of children’s anxious-withdrawn behavior ...
    • The Choice of Attention 

      Deluty, Robert H. (Otter Bay Books, 2019)