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    • Assessing validity of retrospective recall of physical activity in individuals with psychosis-like experiences 

      Andorko, Nicole D.; Rakhshan-Rouhakhtar, Pamela; Hinkle, Caroline; Mittal, Vijay A.; McAllister, Maureen; DeVylder, Jordan; Schiffman, Jason (Elsevier B.V., 2019-03)
      Psychosis-like experiences are present in the general population and may indicate risk for more severe forms of psychosis. They are associated with cognitive impairments, potentially impacting ability to accurately complete ...
    • The association between sleep dysfunction and psychosis-like experiences among college students 

      Andorko, Nicole D.; Mittal, Vijay; Thompson, Elizabeth; Denenny, Danielle; Epstein, Gregory; Demro, Caroline; Wilson, Camille; Sun, Shuyan; Klingaman, Elizabeth A.; DeVylder, Jordan; Oh, Hans; Postolache, Teodor T.; Reeves, Gloria M.; Schiffman, Jason (Elsevier B.V, 2017-02)
      Sleep problems are prominent and pervasive clinical issues experienced by many people with psychotic disorders, often causing distress and functional impairment. Sleep problems are also related to psychosis-like experiences ...
    • Association between sleep, childhood trauma and psychosis-like experiences 

      Andorko, Nicole D.; Millman, Zachary B.; Klingaman, Elizabeth; Medoff, Deborah; Kline, Emily; DeVylder, Jordan; Reeves, Gloria; Schiffman, Jason (Elsevier B.V, 2018-03-09)
      Psychosis-like experiences (PLEs), or attenuated positive symptoms of psychosis, present along a severity continuum and have been associated with distressing thoughts and impairments in functioning. Although knowledge of ...
    • The impact of age on the validity of psychosis-risk screening in a sample of help-seeking youth 

      Rouhakhtar, P.J. Rakhshan; Pitts, Steven C.; Millman, Zachary B.; Andorko, Nicole D.; Redman, Samantha; Wilson, Camille; Demro, Caroline; Phalen, Peter L.; Walsh, Barbara; Woods, Scott; Reeves, Gloria M.; Schiffman, Jason (Elsevier B.V., 2019-04)
      Self-report screening instruments offer promise in furthering early identification of at-risk youth, yet current efforts are limited by false positive rates. Identifying moderators of accuracy is a potential step towards ...
    • Psychosis-Spectrum Screening and Assessment Within a College Counseling Center: A Pilot Study Exploring Feasibility and Clinical Need 

      Thompson, Elizabeth C.; Andorko, Nicole D.; Rouhakhtar, Pamela Rakhshan; Millman, Zachary B.; Sagun, Kristin; Han, Susan C.; Chibani, Doha; Reeves, Gloria M.; Herman, Bruce; Schiffman, Jason (Taylor & Francis, 2020-09-04)
      Evidence supports the use of brief psychosis-spectrum screening tools for identifying individuals at an increased risk of developing a psychotic disorder. Screening has not been well studied in general mental health settings ...
    • Telepsychotherapy With Youth at Clinical High Risk for Psychosis: Clinical Issues and Best Practices During the COVID-19 Pandemic 

      DeLuca, Joseph S.; Andorko, Nicole D.; Chibani, Doha; Jay, Samantha Y.; Rouhakhtar, Pamela J. Rakhshan; Petti, Emily; Klaunig, Mallory J.; Thompson, Elizabeth C.; Millman, Zachary B.; Connors, Kathleen M.; Akouri-Shan, LeeAnn; Fitzgerald, John; Redman, Samantha L.; Roemer, Caroline; Bridgwater, Miranda A.; DeVylder, Jordan E.; King, Cheryl A.; Pitts, Steven C.; Reinblatt, Shauna P.; Wehring, Heidi J.; Bussell, Kristin L.; Solomon, Natalee; Edwards, Sarah M.; Reeves, Gloria M.; Buchanan, Robert W.; Schiffman, Jason (American Psychological Association, 2020-04-22)