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    • Hospital Community Benefits after the ACA: Building on State Experience 

      Folkemer, Donna C.; Somerville, Martha H.; Mueller, Carl H.; Brow, Avery L. R.; Brunner, Michelle A.; Boddie‐Willis, Cynthia L.; Nolin, Michael A. (The Hilltop Institute, 2011-04)
      This is the second issue brief in a series released by Hilltoprquote s Hospital Community Benefit Program. It takes a closer look at three aspects of community benefits affected by ‘a79007 of the Affordable Care Act, ...
    • We Vote, We Count: The Need for Congressional Action to Secure the Right to Vote for All Citizens 

      Daniels, Gilda R.; King-Meadows, Tyson D.; Henderson, Loren M.
      The United States has historically limited access to the ballot and enacted laws that disenfranchised people of color. Paradoxically, the country was founded as a democracy, yet forces have constantly sought to suppress ...