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    • Left to rot: the new global effort to preserve lost monuments 

      Mahdawi, Arwa (The Guardian, 2019-08-01)
    • Creative Challenges in AR \\ Urban Life 

      Moren, Lisa; Barr, Chris; Grenier, Émilie F. (2020-09-12)
    • Artists panel What is the Shape of Water? 

      Moren, Lisa; Bachvaroff, Tsetso (2020-10-03)
    • Always-Already Absent Present: On Trauma and Materiality 

      Rezaei, Alieh (2022-01-01)
      In Always-Already Absent Present: On Trauma and Materiality, I explore linguistic experience and its effects through my art practice working with organic materials. My story started with a painful car accident. Later, ...
    • Transgender Euphoria: Puerto Rico's Queer Exaltation 

      Reynolds, Foster Luis (2022-01-01)
      Transgender Euphoria: Puerto Rico’s Queer Exaltation is a two-part installation that depicts the spiritual connection between the island of Puerto Rico and its Transgender inhabitants through the visualization of a ...

      Eken, Sylvia Antoinette Maria (2022-01-01)
      Cities are more than their visible attributes; they are a metaphor for living and change. A city consists of multiple internal and external structures creating underlying social, economic, and physical patterns that ...
    • Post US 

      Droneburg, Paul Adam (2022-01-01)
      At the beginning of most post-apocalyptic movies, there is a prologue—a quick cut to a series of newscasters talking in dismayed voices describing the events that led to the tragedy, flashing images of war, climate change, ...
    • Sub Rosa: La Casa de Beatriz Cabrera 

      Crabb, Monique (2022-01-01)
      Sub Rosa: La Casa de Beatriz Cabrera is a multimedia room installation representing a conversation taking place between a mom and daughter exposing family lineage, the role of caretaker, and motherhood. The visitor enters ...
    • Creating Knowledge with the Public: Disrupting the Expert/Audience Hierarchy 

      Meringolo, Denise D.; Boot, Lee; Johnson, Denise Griffin; O’Neill, Maureen (MIT Press, 2022-08-22)
      This essay provides both a philosophy and a case study to define, analyze, and explore community-centered public history practice. In its ideal form, communitycentered public history practice strives for equity and inclusion. ...
    • UNDER THE BAY: An Augmented Reality Project 

      Bachvaroff, Tsvetan; Moren, Lisa; Deacon, Dan; Olano, Marc (2021)
      “Under the Bay” tells the story of a world beneath the surface of the Chesapeake Bay and really all estuaries and oceans. In this augmented reality project a user can point their cell phone at the water — or anywhere in ...
    • don't look, don't look 

      Voos, Amelia (2020-01-01)
      don’t look, don’t look enacts and embodies the entwining communal, generational, and familial remnants and echoes of my family’s rural farming community in Glen Gardner, NJ. I am crafting new iterations of land-based rituals ...
    • the eye sees in a million ways unable to comprehend what fervent destructions are wrought by its reach, or: the embattlement of personhood and privacy 

      Davis, Kelsey (2020-01-01)
      Drones and other autonomous technologies may appear, at first glance, as elements in a science fiction plot. However, drones are not innocuous gadgets, but are instead tools for surveillance coupled with the capacity to ...
    • American Boy: Immigration, Tutorials, a Loop of Play 

      Prykhodko, Maksym (2020-01-01)
      American Boy is a three-piece installation about forging an American identity through play, technology, and Internet tutorials. Through interaction and touch, participants unearth the protagonist’s sometimes comedic ...
    • The Sky is Coming 

      Damico, Danielle (2020-01-01)
      The Sky is Coming is a multisensory two-channel projection installation that depictsan ecosexual encounter between a developing thunderstorm and its human lover. This work ponders the technological mediation of our natural ...
    • From Counter-Memory to Counter-Culture: Black Islam in the U.S. Through a Mundane Afrofuturist Lens 

      Cheatam, Safiyah (2020-01-01)
      From Counter-Memory to Counter-Culture: Black Islam in the U.S. Through a Mundane Afrofuturist Lens is a multi-generational look at moments of Mundane Afrofuturism within the lives of Black Muslims in the U.S., emphasizing ...
    • Common Medical Objects for Ephemeral Bodies 

      D'Andelet, Lindsay (2020-01-01)
      Common Medical Objects for Ephemeral Bodies mimics the medical spaces and objects used to diagnose the human body. As an artist, I subvert the function of these spaces and objects in my installation in order to play with ...
    • Sick Transit 

      Alexander, Rahne Xanthe (2020-01-01)
      Sick Transit is a tripartite intermedia piece about medicine, mobility, and art-making within a mother/daughter relationship defined by multiple sclerosis and transsexuality. The titular video performance is featured in ...
    • One Man Trance 

      Ables, Brandon Waylan (2020-01-20)
      Where we humans spend most of our time becomes representative of our subconscious. Our everyday movements and mannerisms are recorded in our environments. Your self becomes the space. Your rooms become your existing knowledge ...
    • A Necessary Haunting 

      Rodriguez, Adan Martinez (2020-01-01)
      Notice: In light of unforeseen circumstances concerning the COVID-19 pandemic, certain elements of the paper regarding audience interaction are no longer possible yet are still integral to the messages and ideas of the ...