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    • Deep-UV standoff Raman spectroscopy 

      Arnold, Bradley R.; Bowman, Eric; Scheurer, Leslie (SPIE, 2019-05-13)
      The availability of high peak-power laser systems capable of delivering intense deep-UV pulses has brought renewed interest in using Raman spectroscopy as both a selective and sensitive analytical technique for ...
    • Effect of processing on morphology of hydroxyapatites: bioactive glasses and crystalline composites 

      McAdams, Joel; Bowman, Eric; Cullum, Brian; Arnold, Bradley; Kelly, Lisa; Choa, Fow Sen; Singh, N. B.; Su, Ching Hua; Mandal, K. D.; Singh, Shruti (SPIE, 2019-05-02)
      Recent studies on multinary oxides for applications as laser hosts and high dielectric capacitors have shown that processing at high temperature provides glassy or crystalline materials based on thermal treatments and ...