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    • Effect of additives: γ-Ray sensors based on ionizing organic nanocomposites 

      Dayal, Vishall; Cooper, Christopher; Sova, Stacey; Gill, Puneet; Su, Ching-Hua; Arnold, Bradley; Choa, Fow-Sen; Kelly, Lisa; Cullum, Brian; Smith, Paul; Singh, N. B.
      We have developed ionizing organic based composites which have demonstrated great promise for radiation sensing. Nickel oxide has been proven as an active material for detecting high energy radiation. The oxidation state ...
    • Low Temperature Flux Growth of 2H-SiC and β-Gallium Oxide 

      Singh, N. B.; Choa, Fow-Sen; Su, Ching-Hua; Arnold, Bradley; Kelly, Lisa
      We present brief overview of our study on the low temperature flux growth of two very important novel wide bandgap materials 2H-SiC and β-gallium oxide (β-Ga₂O₃). We have synthesized and grown 5mm to 1cm size single crystals ...