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    • Yahoo! as an ontology: using Yahoo! categories to describe documents 

      Labrou, Yannis; Finin, Tim (ACM, 1999-11-02)
      We suggest that one (or a collection) of names of Yahoo! (or any other WWW indexer's) categories can be used to describe the content of a document. Such categories offer a standardized and universal way for referring to ...
    • YieldPredict: A Crop Yield Prediction Framework for Smart Farms 

      Choudhary, Nitu Kedarmal; Chukkapalli, Sai Sree Laya; Mittal, Sudip; Gupta, Maanak; Abdelsalam, Mahmoud; Joshi, Anupam (2020-11-01)
      In recent years, machine learning approaches are gaining popularity with the advent of big data. The massive amount of data generated, when served as an input to machine learning approaches, provides useful insights. ...