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    • All-optical bistability and switching near the Dirac point of a 2-D photonic crystal 

      Mattiucci, Nadia; Bloemer, Mark J.; D’Aguanno, Giuseppe (OSA Publishing, 2013)
      We investigate all-optical switching at the guided mode resonances originating near the Dirac point of a finite, 2-D photonic crystal consisting of a square lattice of dielectric columns possessing a cubic nonlinearity. ...
    • All-Optical Switching at the Fano Resonances of Plasmonic and Non-Plasmonic Gratings 

      D’Aguanno, G.; Mattiucci, N.; Bloemer, M. J. (OSA Publishing, 2012)
      We discuss all-optical switching at the Fano resonances of nonlinear, dielectric gratings with extremely narrow slits and ultra-thin, metallic (plasmonic) gratings embedded in a nonlinear material.
    • All-Optical Switching in 2-D Photonic Crystal Cavities with Defect Resonances 

      D’Aguanno, G.; Mattiucci, N.; Bloemer, M. J. (OSA Publishing, 2012)
      We investigate the field localization in 2-D photonic crystals with defect resonances for all-optical switching applications. These resonances achieve extremely high Q factors ~108 and switching threshold ~W/cm2 for realistic ...
    • All-optical switching in a high-Q Fabry–Perot cavity filled with a quadratic material 

      D’Aguanno, G.; Angelillo, E.; Sibilia, C.; Scalora, M.; Bertolotti, M. (OSA Publishing, 2000)
      A theoretical analysis of the nonlinear quadratic interaction between two monochromatic plane waves at frequencies ω and 2ω in a Fabry–Perot cavity shows that all-optical control of reflectivity and transmissivity of the ...
    • Analyzing Social Networks on the Semantic Web 

      Ding, Li; Finin, Tim; Joshi, Anupam (IEEE, 2005-01-01)
      We report on a recent study of the way FOAF and other semantic web ontologies are being used to describe people and their social relations.
    • Analyzing the Quantum Annealing Approach for Solving Linear Least Squares Problems 

      Borle, Ajinkya; Lomonaco, Samuel J. (2018-09-27)
      With the advent of quantum computers, researchers are exploring if quantum mechanics can be leveraged to solve important problems in ways that may provide advantages not possible with conventional or classical methods. A ...
    • Analyzing the Structure and Evolution of Massive Telecom Graphs 

      Nanavati, Amit Anil; Singh, Rahu; Chakraborty, Dipanjan; Dasgupta, Koustuv; Mukherjea, Sougata; Gurumurthy, G.; Joshi, Anupam (IEEE, 2008-03-31)
      With the ever-growing competition in telecommunications markets, operators have to increasingly rely on business intelligence to offer the right incentives to their customers. Existing approaches for telecom business ...
    • Analyzing Visible Light Communication Through Air–Water Interface 

      In underwater wireless networks (UWNs), conventionally there is no direct communication between an underwater node and a remote command center. A floating base-station is often used to serve as an interface to a UWN; ...
    • Anamika: Distributed Service Composition Architecture for Pervasive Computing Environments 

      Chakraborty, Dipanjan; Joshi, Anupam (ACM, 2002-12-31)
      Development of customized services by discovering, integrating and executing existing ones (refered to as service composition) has received a lot of attention in the last few years with respect to wired, infrastrutcure ...
    • Annotating named entities in Twitter data with crowdsourcing 

      Finin, Tim; Murnane, Will; Karandikar, Anand; Keller, Nicholas; Martineau, Justin; Dredze, Mark (Association for Computational Linguistics, 2010-06-06)
      We describe our experience using both Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) and Crowd Flower to collect simple named entity annotations for Twitter status updates. Unlike most genres that have traditionally been the focus of named ...
    • Anomalous dispersion in one-dimensional photonic band gap structures with birefringent layers 

      Sibilia, C.; Mandatori, A.; Centini, M.; D'Aguanno, G.; Bertolotti, M.; Haus, J.W.; Scalora, M. (IEEE, 2004-04-05)
      Anomalous dispersion in biaxial birefringent one dimensional photonic structures has been studied. This causes the Poynting vector to reverse its direction with respect to the wave vector, with consequent manifestation of ...
    • Anomaly Detection Models for Smart Home Security 

      Ramapatruni, Sowmya; Narayanan, Sandeep Nair; Mittal, Sudip; Joshi, Anupam; Joshi, Karuna (IEEE, 2019-08-29)
      Recent years have seen significant growth in the adoption of smart homes devices. These devices provide convenience, security, and energy efficiency to users. For example, smart security cameras can detect unauthorized ...
    • Anti-Reflecting Surfaces Using Two-layer Motheye Structures for Spinel Ceramic Windows 

      Tu, Chaoran; Menyuk, Curtis R. (2018-09)
      We design and optimize a two-layer pyramid motheye structures for long wavelength MgAl₂O₄ spinel ceramic windows. We show that a two-layer pyramid motheye structure can achieve average transmission of 98.96% from 0.5 µm to 5 µm.
    • Anticipating Visual Representations from Unlabeled Video 

      Vondrick, Carl; Pirsiavash, Hamed; Torralba, Antonio (IEEE, 2016-11-30)
      Anticipating actions and objects before they start or appear is a difficult problem in computer vision with several real-world applications. This task is challenging partly because it requires leveraging extensive knowledge ...
    • App behavioral analysis using system calls 

      Das, Prajit Kumar; Joshi, Anupam; Finin, Tim (IEEE, 2017-05-01)
      System calls provide an interface to the services made available by an operating system. As a result, any functionality provided by a software application eventually reduces to a set of fixed system calls. Since system ...
    • Application of Graph Theory to Assess Static and Dynamic Brain Connectivity: Approaches for Building Brain Graphs 

      Yu, Qingbao; Du, Yuhui; Chen, Jiayu; Sui, Jing; Adali, Tulay; Pearlson, Godfrey; Calhoun, Vince D. (IEEE, 2018)
      Abstract: Human brain connectivity is complex. Graph-theory-based analysis has become a powerful and popular approach for analyzing brain imaging data, largely because of its potential to quantitatively illuminate the ...
    • Applications of Tensor Decompositions 

      Tapia, Sergio Garcia; Hsu, Rebecca; Hu, Alyssa; Stevens II, Darren; Graf, Jonathan S.; Gobbert, Matthias K.; Simon, Tyler (2016)
      This report explores how data structures known as tensors can be used to perform multidimensional data analysis. If a matrix can be thought of as a two-dimensional array, then a tensor can be thought of as a multi-dimensional ...
    • An Approach to Dynamic Service Management in Pervasive Computing 

      Kagal, Lalana; Avancha, Sasikanth; Korolev, Vladimir; Joshi, Anupam; Finin, Tim (2002-10-09)
      In the near future, we will see dramatic changes in computing and networking hardware. A large number of devices (e.g., phones, PDAs, even small household appliances) will become computationally enabled. Micro/nano sensors ...
    • Approaches for Automatically Enriching Wikipedia 

      Syed, Zareen; Finin, Tim (AAAI, 2010-06-11)
      We have been exploring the use of Web-derived knowledge bases through the development of Wikitology - a hybrid knowledge base of structured and unstructured information extracted from Wikipedia augmented by RDF data from ...
    • Approximating the Community Structure of the Long Tail 

      Java, Akshay; Joshi, Anupam; Finin, Tim (AAAI, 2008-03-31)
      In many social media applications, a small fraction of the members are highly linked while most are sparsely connected to the network. Such a skewed distribution is sometimes referred to as the "long tail". Popular ...