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    • Analysis of Data Mining Algorithms 

      Joshi, Karuna Pande (1997-03-30)
      A comparative study of algorithms used in Data Mining. This paper was written as part of the MS course work for Advanced Algorithms.
    • Communicating neural network knowledge between agents in a simulated aerial reconnaissance system 

      Quirolgico, Stephen; Canfield, Kip; Finin, Timothy; Smith, James A. (IEEE, 1999-10-03)
      In order to maintain their performance in a dynamic environment, agents may be required to modify their learning behavior during run-time. If an agent utilizes a rule-based system for learning, new rules may be easily ...
    • On Mining Web Access Logs 

      Joshi, Anupam; Joshi, Karuna; Krishnapuram, Raghu (1999-10-24)
      The proliferation of information on the world wide web has made the personalization of this information space a necessity. One possible approach to web personalization is to mine typical user profiles from the vast amount ...
    • Warehousing and Mining Web Logs 

      Joshi, Karuna P.; Joshi, Anupam; Yesha, Yelena; Krishnapuram, Raghu (ACM, 1999-11-02)
      Analyzing Web Logs for usage and access trends can not only provide important information to web site developers and administrators, but also help in creating adaptive web sites. While there are many existing tools that ...
    • An overview of online trust: Concepts, elements, and implications 

      Wang, Ye Diana; Emurian, Henry H. (Elsevier Ltd., 2004-02-18)
      Lack of trust has been repeatedly identified as one of the most formidable barriers to people for engaging in e-commerce, involving transactions in which financial and personal information is submitted to merchants via the ...
    • How the Semantic Web is Being Used:An Analysis of FOAF Documents 

      Ding, Li; Zhou, Lina; Finin, Tim; Joshi, Anupam (2005-01-03)
      Semantic Web researchers have initially focused on the representation, development and use of ontologies but paid less attention to the social and structural relationships involved. The past year has seen a dramatic increase ...

      Murphy, Emma; McAllister, Graham; Strain, Philip; Kuber, Ravi; Yu, Wai (2005-07)
    • An Examination of Vote Verification Technologies: Findings and Experiences from the Maryland Study 

      Sherman, Alan T.; Gangopadhyay, Aryya; Holden, Stephen H.; Karabatis, George; Koru, A. Gunes; Law, Chris M.; Norris, Donald F.; Pinkston, John; Sears, Andrew; Zhang, Dongsong (2006-04-15)
      We describe our findings and experiences from our technical review of vote verification systems for the Maryland State Board of Elections (SBE). The review included the following four systems for possible use together ...
    • A Non-visual Approach to Improving Collaboration Between Blind and Sighted Internet Users 

      Kuber, Ravi; Yu, Wai; McAllister, Graham (Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 2007)
      Assistive technologies have widened access to the Web, by providing a non-visual representation of page content for blind individuals. However, restrictions imposed by screen readers and Braille output devices have led to ...
    • Towards developing assistive haptic feedback for visually impaired internet users 

      Kuber, Ravi; Yu, Wai; McAllister, Graham (Association for Computing Machinery, 2007-04)
      Haptic technologies are thought to have the potential to help blind individuals overcome the challenges experienced when accessing the Web. This paper proposes a structured participatory-based approach for developing ...
    • A grid-based extension to an assistive multimodal interface 

      Strain, Philip; McAllister, Graham; Murphy, Emma; Kuber, Ravi; Yu, Wai (Association for Computing Machinery, 2007-04)
      This paper describes an extension to a multimodal system designed to improve Internet accessibility for the visually impaired. Here we discuss the novel application of a grid (patent pending) to our assistive web interface. ...
    • A Framework for Relating Frontstage and Backstage Quality in Virtualized Services 

      Joshi, Karuna Pande; Joshi, Anupam; Yesha, Yelena; Kothari, Ravi (University of Maryland, Baltimore County, 2009-05-20)
      Virtualized service models are now emerging and redefining the way Information technology is delivered to end users. In this paper, we propose a framework to measure and track quality delivered by a Virtualized service ...
    • Towards identifying distinguishable tactons for use with mobile devices 

      Qian, Huimin; Kuber, Ravi; Sears, Andrew (Association for Computing Machinery, 2009-10)
      This paper describes a study designed to identify salient tactile cues which can be integrated with a cellular telephone interface, to provide non-visual feedback to users when accessing mobile applications. A set of tactile ...
    • Integrated Lifecycle of IT Services in a Cloud Environment 

      Joshi, Karuna Pande; Finin, Tim; Yesha, Yelena (2009-10-22)
      Virtualized Service models are now emerging and redefining the way information technology is delivered to end users. Current research is focused on specific pieces like service discovery, composition etc. There is no ...
    • User-centric Smart Services 

      Joshi, Karuna Pande; Yesha, Yelena; Ozok, Ant; Yesha, Yaacov (2009-11-02)
      In this position paper we describe our vision for the next generation of IT services. Services will be automatically discovered, procured and integrated with the service consumer’s technical environment. This whole process ...
    • Behavior Analysis of Team Performance: A Case Study of Membership Replacement 

      Emurian, Henry (Originally published by: The Behavior Analyst Today, 2010)
      A three-person team performance task (TPT) is described, and evaluative results are presented under conditions of individual fixed ratios required to complete a work component and a team fixed ratio required to complete ...
    • Programmed instruction for teaching Java: Consideration of learn unit frequency and rule-test Performance 

      Emurian, Henry (Originally published by: The Behavior Analyst Today, 2010)
      At the beginning of a Java computer programming course, nine students in an undergraduate class and nine students in a graduate class completed a web-based programmed instruction tutoring system that taught a simple computer ...
    • Behavioral Health Management of Space Dwelling Groups: Safe Passage Beyond Earth Orbit 

      Emurian, Henry (Originally published by: The Behavior Analyst Today, 2010)
      Plans to pursue space expeditionary missions beyond Earth orbit have occasioned renewed concern that crew behavioral health and performance effectiveness, along with spacecraft habitability, will present major challenges ...
    • Tactile vs Graphical Authentication 

      Kuber, Ravi; Yu, Wai (Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 2010)
      This paper describes a novel approach to authenticate entry to a system using tactile feedback. The user is required to remember a sequence of pre-selected pin patterns. A study has been undertaken to determine the feasibility ...
    • Tactile Web Browsing for Blind Users 

      Kuber, Ravi; Yu, Wai; Sile O’Modhrain, M. (Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 2010)
      Recent developments in tactile technologies have made them an attractive choice to improve access to non-visual interfaces. This paper describes the design and evaluation of an extension to an existing browser, which enables ...