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    • Dialogic Learning as First Principle in Communication Ethics 

      Arnett, Ronald C.; Bell, Leeanne M.; Fritz, Janie M. Harden (Atlantic Journal of Communication, 2010-07)
      This article frames a dialogic learning theory of communication ethics based upon Buber (1955, 1958), Gadamer (1988), Freire (2000), and Arendt (1998). This communication ethics theory privileges dialogic learning as first ...
    • Moms & Meds: Navigating Pregnancy and Psychiatric Medication 

      Fiasconaro, Dina; Cullen, Lucas; Brooks, Brian II; Chaney, Corey; Johnston, Craig; Cipriano, Joe (Janson Media, Alexander Street Press, 2015)
      Moms & Meds: Navigating Pregnancy and Psychiatric Medication is a feature documentary film that explores the options women face when they want to have children, but take psychotropic medication for mental illness. The film ...
    • Queen Phiona and Princess Shuri—Alternative Africana "Royalty" in Disney’s Royal Realm: An Intersectional Analysis 

      Harris, Heather E. (Social Sciences, 2018-10-20)
      This paper explores the representations of two of Disney’s Africana royals, Phiona from the Queen of Katwe and Princess Shuri from Black Panther. Taking into consideration the pedagogical impact of media to reinforce ...