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    • Validation of a Model of a Resonant Optothermoacoustic Trace Gas Sensor 

      Petra, N.; Zweck, J.; Minkoff, S. E.; Kosterev, A. A.; Doty, J. H. (OSA, 2011-06)
      A model for a resonant optothermoacoustic sensor is validated by comparison with experiments performed with 0.5% acetylene in nitrogen. At low concentrations, the molecular dynamics of the trace gas do not influence the signal.
    • Visual Deficits and Dysfunctions Associated with Traumatic Brain Injury: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis 

      Merezhinskaya, Natalya; Mallia, Rita K.; Park, DoHwan; Bryden, Daniel W.; Mathur, Karan; Barker II, Felix M (American Academy of Optometry, 2019-05-04)
      SIGNIFICANCE This study reports prevalence data combined independently for accommodative dysfunction, convergence insufficiency, visual field loss, and visual acuity loss in patients with traumatic brain injury in the ...
    • Water Quality Monitoring of Maryland’s Tidal Waterways 

      Le, Rosemary K.; Rackauckas, Christopher V.; Ross, Anne S.; Ulloa, Nehemias (2012)
      The Chesapeake Bay and its surrounding tributaries are home to over 3,600 species of plants and animals. In order to assess the health of the region, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) monitors various ...
    • Weak Solutions for a Poro-elastic Plate System 

      Gurvich, Elena; Webster, Justin T. (2021-03-16)
      We consider a recent plate model obtained as a scaled limit of the three dimensional Biot system of poro-elasticity. The result is a "2.5" dimensional linear system that couples traditional Euler-Bernoulli plate dynamics ...