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    • The L 98-59 System: Three Transiting, Terrestrial-size Planets Orbiting a Nearby M Dwarf 

      Barclay, Thomas; Mukai, Koji; Pidhorodetska, Daria; et al. (IOP Publishing, 2019-06-27)
      We report the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) discovery of three terrestrial-size planets transiting L 98-59 (TOI-175, TIC 307210830)—a bright M dwarf at a distance of 10.6 pc. Using the Gaia-measured distance ...
    • L 98-59: A Benchmark System of Terrestrial Planets for Future Atmospheric Characterization 

      Pidhorodetska, Daria; Moran, Sarah; Fauchez, Thomas; Kopparapu, Ravi; Colon, Knicole; Quintana, Elisa; Villanueva, Geronimo; Domagal-Goldman, Shawn (Universities Space Research Association, 2020)
    • Ladder-type electromagnetically induced transparency using nanofiber-guided light in a warm atomic vapor 

      Jones, D.E; Franson, J.D.; Pittman, T.B. (American Physical Society (APS), 2015-10-05)
      We demonstrate ladder-type electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) using an optical nanofiber suspended in a warm rubidium vapor. The signal and control fields are both guided along the nanofiber, which enables ...
    • LARES (LAser RElativity Satellite): Status Report 

      Boni, A.; Cantone, C.; Dell’Agnello, S.; Delle Monache, G. O.; Franceschi, M. A.; Garattini, M.; Intaglietta, N.; Lops, C.; Martini, M.; Maiello, M.; Prosperi, C.; Bellettini, G.; Tauraso, R.; March, R.; Ciufolini, I.; Berardi, S.; Cerruti, C.; Graziani, F.; Ialongo, P.; Lucantoni, A.; Paolozzi, A.; Peroni, I.; Paris, C.; Sindoni, G.; Vendittozzi, C.; Currie, D. G.; Arnold, D.; Rubincam, D. P.; Pavlis, Erricos C.; Matzner, R.; Slabinski, V. J. (Instituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, 2008-05-21)
    • LARES mission operations 

      Sindoni, Giampiero; Pavlis, Erricos C. (IEEE, 2015-03-07)
      LAser RElativity Satellite (LARES) is an Italian Space Agency mission that started operations on February 2012 after a successful launch on ESA's VEGA qualification flight. The satellite is covered with retroreflectors ...
    • LARES Satellite Thermal Forces and a Test of General Relativity 

      Matzner, Richard; Nguyen, Phuc; Brooks, Jason; Ciufolini, Ignazio; Antonio, Paolozzi; Pavlis, Erricos C.; Koenig, Rolf; Ries, John; Gurzadyan, Vahe; Penrose, Roger; Sindoni, Giampiero; Paris, Claudia; Khachatryan, Harutyun; Mirzoyan, Sergey (IEEE, 2016-09-22)
      We summarize a laser-ranged satellite test of frame dragging, a prediction of General Relativity, and then concentrate on the estimate of thermal thrust, an important perturbation affecting the accuracy of the test. The ...

      Pavlis, Erricos C.; Ciufolini, I.; Paolozzi, A.
      LARES, Laser Relativity Satellite, is a spherical laser-ranged satellite, passive and covered with retroreflectors. It will be launched with ESA’s new launch vehicle VEGA (ESA-ELV-ASI-AVIO) in early 2012. Its orbital ...
    • A large atomic chlorine source inferred from mid-continental reactive nitrogen chemistry 

      Thornton, Joel A.; Kercher, James P.; Riedel, Theran P.; Wagner, Nicholas L.; Cozic, Julie; Holloway, John S.; Dubé, William P.; Wolfe, Glenn M.; Quinn, Patricia K.; Middlebrook, Ann M.; Alexander, Becky; Brown, Steven S. (Nature Research, 2010-03-11)
      Halogen atoms and oxides are highly reactive and can profoundly affect atmospheric composition. Chlorine atoms can decrease the lifetimes of gaseous elemental mercury1 and hydrocarbons such as the greenhouse gas methane2. ...
    • Large global variations in measured airborne metal concentrations driven by anthropogenic sources 

      McNeill, Jacob; Snider, Graydon; Weagle, Crystal L.; Walsh, Brenna; Bissonnette, Paul; Stone, Emily; Abboud, Ihab; Akoshile, Clement; Anh, Nguyen Xuan; Balasubramanian, Rajasekhar; Brook, Jeffrey R.; Coburn, Craig; Cohen, Aaron; Dong, Jinlu; Gagnon, Graham; Garland, Rebecca M.; He, Kebin; Holben, Brent N.; Kahn, Ralph; Kim, Jong Sung; Lagrosas, Nofel; Lestari, Puji; Liu, Yang; Jeba, Farah; Joy, Khaled Shaifullah; Martins, J. Vanderlei; Misra, Amit; Norford, Leslie K.; Quel, Eduardo J.; Salam, Abdus; Schichtel, Bret; Tripathi, S. N.; Wang, Chien; Zhang, Qiang; Brauer, Michael; Gibson, Mark D.; Rudich, Yinon; Martin, Randall V. (Nature, 2020-12-11)
      Globally consistent measurements of airborne metal concentrations in fine particulate matter (PM₂.₅) are important for understanding potential health impacts, prioritizing air pollution mitigation strategies, and enabling ...
    • Large Third-Order Nonlinearities in Atomic Layer Deposition Grown Nitrogen-Enriched TiO₂ Nanoscale Films 

      Kuis, Robinson; Gougousi, Theodosia; Basaldua, Isaac; Burkins, Paul; Kropp, Jaron A.; Johnson, Anthony M. (IEEE, 2020-08)
      Nonlinear refractive index, n₂, values as high as 1±.1x10⁻⁹ cm² /W were measured in atomic layer deposition (ALD) grown TiO₂ nanoscale films, using femtosecond thermally managed Z-scan. The several order of magnitude ...
    • Large-scale H I in nearby radio galaxies – II. The nature of classical low-power radio sources 

      Emonts, B. H. C.; Morganti, R.; Struve, C.; Oosterloo, T. A.; Moorsel, G. van; Tadhunter, C. N.; Hulst, J. M. van der; Brogt, E.; Holt, J.; Mirabal, N. (Oxford University Press, 2010-07-19)
      An important aspect of solving the long-standing question as to what triggers various types of active galactic nuclei (AGN) involves a thorough understanding of the overall properties and formation history of their host ...

      Demoz, Belay; Delgado, Ruben; Caroll, Brian; Vermeesch, Kevin; Whiteman, David N.; Sakia, Ricardo; Tesfay, Sium; Cooper, Lorenzo (EPJ, 2018)
      Results from the PECAN (Plains Elevated Convection at Night) campaign are discussed. In particular, the utility of simple backscatter lidars/ceilometers in quantifying atmospheric dynamics parameters and variables as well ...
    • Lifetime Discrimination Burden, Racial Discrimination, and Subclinical Cerebrovascular Disease among African Americans 

      Moody, Danielle L. Beatty; Taylor, Antione D.; Leibel, Daniel K.; Al-Najjar, Elias; Katzel, Leslie I.; Davatzikos, Christos; Gullapalli, Rao P.; Seliger, Stephen L.; Kouo, Theresa; Erus, Guray; Rosenberger, William F.; Evans, Michele K.; Zonderman, Zonderman; Waldstein, Shari R. (American Physiological Association, 2018-11-26)
      Explore interactive relations of lifetime discrimination burden and racial discrimination – chronic stressors among African Americans (AA) – and age with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-assessed white matter lesion volume ...
    • The lively accretion disk in NGC 2992. I. Transient iron K emission lines in the high flux state 

      Marinucci, A.; Bianchi, S.; Braito, V.; De Marco, B.; Matt, G.; Middei, R.; Nardini, E.; Reeves, J. N. (2020-06-09)
      We report on one of the brightest flux levels of the Seyfert 2 galaxy NGC 2992 ever observed in X-rays, on May 2019. The source has been monitored every few days from March 26, 2019 to December 14, 2019 by Swift-XRT, and ...
    • Local gradient optimization of leakage-suppressing entangling sequences 

      Setser, Arman A.; Kestner, Jason P. (2020-07-17)
      We use a gradient-based optimization scheme to find single-qubit rotations to be interwoven between timesteps of a noisy logical two-qubit entangling gate in order to suppress arbitrary logical and leakage errors in the ...
    • Local Group and Star Cluster Dynamics from HSTPROMO (The Hubble Space Telescope Proper Motion Collaboration) 

      Marel, Roeland P. van der; Anderson, Jay; Bellini, Andrea; Besla, Gurtina; Bianchini, Paolo; Boylan-Kolchin, Mike; Chaname, Julio; Deason, Alis; Do, Tuan; Guhathakurta, Puragra; Kallivayalil, Nitya; Lennon, Danny; Massari, Davide; Meyer, Eileen; Platais, Imants; Sabbi, Elena; Sohn, Sangmo Tony; Soto, Mario; Trenti, Michele; Watkins, Laura (2013-09-08)
      The Hubble Space Telescope (HST) has proven to be uniquely suited for the measurement of proper motions (PMs) of stars and galaxies in the nearby Universe. Here we summarize the main results and ongoing studies of the ...

      Mirabal, N.; et al. (IOP, 2016-07-20)
      A gravitational-wave (GW) transient was identified in data recorded by the Advanced Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) detectors on 2015 September 14. The event, initially designated G184098 and ...
    • The Long-Term Socialization Goals of Chinese and Korean Immigrant Mothers in the United States 

      Shen, Jillian J.; Cheah, Charissa S.L.; Leung, Christy Y. Y. (Springer US, 2019-11-14)
      The socialization goals of immigrant parents in the United States for their children reflect the childrearing priorities of both their culture of origin and the mainstream culture. These goals, which guide parenting, likely ...
    • Low Power All-Optical Switching Using Two-Photon Absorption and the Zeno Effect 

      Weiler, C. N.; Hendrickson, S. M.; Camacho, R. M.; Rakich, P. T.; Young, A. I.; Shaw, M. J.; Pittman, T. B.; Franson, J.D.; Jacobs, B. C. (2012-12-10)
    • Low-power cross-phase modulation in a metastable xenon-filled cavity for quantum-information applications 

      Hickman, G. T.; Pittman, T.B.; Franson, J.D. (American Physical Society (APS), 2015-11-04)
      Weak single-photon nonlinearities have many potential applications in quantum computing and quantum information. Here we demonstrate a relatively simple system for producing low-power cross-phase modulation using metastable ...