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    • High-Resolution Observations of Centaurus A 

      Muller, Cornelia; Blanchard, J.; Bock, M.; Carpenter, B.; Dutka, M.; Furst, F.; Grafe, C.; Großberger, C.; Kadler, M.; Krauß, F.; Markowitz, A.; Ojha, R.; Perucho, M.; Pottschmidt, K.; Ros, E.; Rothschild, R.; Schulz, R.; Trustedt, J.; Wilms, J.; the TANAMI Collaboration (European Space Agency, 2011)
      The closest active galaxy Centaurus A is regularly observed at milliarcsecond resolution within the framework of the Southern Hemisphere AGN monitoring program TANAMI. Additional multiwavelength observations up to gamma-ray ...
    • Highest gamma-ray flux level detected from very high redshift blazar B3 1343+451 

      Ojha, Roopesh; Dutka, Michael; Torresi, Eleonora (The Astronomer's Telegram, 2011-12-01)
    • High‐accuracy zenith delay prediction at optical wavelengths 

      Mendes, V. B.; Pavlis, E. C. (AGU Pubication, 2004-07-16)
      A major limitation in accuracy in modern satellite laser ranging is the modeling of atmospheric refraction. Recent improvements in this area include the development of mapping functions to project the atmospheric delay ...
    • Holevo's bound from a general quantum fluctuation theorem 

      Kafri, Dvir; Deffner, Sebastian (American Physical Society (APS), 2012-10-22)
      We give a derivation of Holevo's bound using an important result from nonequilibrium statistical physics, the fluctuation theorem. To do so we develop a general formalism of quantum fluctuation theorems for two-time ...
    • Holey Fiber Microcavities 

      Hendrickson, S. M.; Pittman, T.B.; Franson, J.D. (OSA Publishing, 2008)
      Microcavities have been formed by placing mirrors on the ends of a short section of holey fiber. The resonant behavior of these devices was analyzed and their suitability for use in nonlinear optics experiments at single-photon ...
    • Hot-Carrier Relaxation in CdSe/CdS Core/Shell Nanoplatelets 

      Pelton, Matthew; Wang, Yana; Fedin, Igor; Talapin, Dmitri V.; O’Leary, Stephen K. (ACS Publications, 2019-12-11)
      We present time-resolved photoluminescence (PL) spectroscopy of a series of colloidal CdSe/CdS core/shell nanoplatelets with different core and shell thicknesses. Exciton numbers are determined from the integrated PL ...

      Meyer, Eileen T.; Sparks, William B.; Georganopoulos, Markos; Anderson, Jay; Marel, Roeland van der; Biretta, John; Sohn, Sangmo Tony; Chiaberge, Marco; Perlman, Eric; Norman, Colin (IOP, 2016-02-18)
      The radio galaxy 3C 273 hosts one of the nearest and best-studied powerful quasar jets. Having been imaged repeatedly by the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) over the past twenty years, it was chosen for an HST program to ...
    • Hubble Space Telescope Observations of [O III] Emission in Nearby QSO2s: Physical Properties of the Ionised Outflows 

      Falcao, Anna Trindade; Kraemer, S. B.; Fischer, T. C.; Crenshaw, D. M.; Revalski, M.; Schmitt, H. R.; Vestergaard, M.; Elvis, M.; Gaskell, C. M.; Hamann, F.; Ho, L. C.; Hutchings, J.; Mushotzky, R.; Netzer, H.; Storchi-Bergmann, T.; Turner, T.J.; Ward, M.J.
      We use Hubble Space Telescope (HST)/ Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph (STIS) long-slit G430M and G750M spectra to analyse the extended [O~III] 5007A emission in a sample of twelve nearby (z < 0.12) luminous (L_bol > ...

      Acero, F.; Donato, D.; Ojha, R.; Stevens, J.; Edwards, P. G.; Ferrara, E.; J. Blanchard, J.; Lovell, J. E. J.; Thompson, D. J. (IOP, 2013-12-20)
      The Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope has been detecting a wealth of sources where the multiwavelength counterpart is either inconclusive or missing altogether. We present a combination of factors that can be used to identify ...
    • Hybrid approach for optical quantum computing 

      Franson, J.D.; Jacobs, B. C.; Pittman, T.B. (OSA Publishing, 2004)
      We describe a hybrid approach to quantum computing in which linear optical elements are used to perform the logic operations while relatively small nonlinear effects are used to avoid the need for ancilla photons.
    • Hybrid Causality Analysis of ENSO’s Global Impacts on Climate Variables Based on Data-Driven Analytics and Climate Model Simulation 

      Song, Hua; Tian, Jing; Huang, Jingfeng; Guo, Pei; Zhang, Zhibo; Wang, Jianwu (Frontiers, 2019-09-18)
      Numerous studies have indicated that El Niño and the southern oscillation (ENSO) could have determinant impacts on remote weather and climate using the conventional correlation-based methods, which however, cannot identify ...
    • Hydrocarbon Removal in Power Plant Plumes Shows Nitrogen Oxide Dependence of Hydroxyl Radicals 

      Gouw, J. A. de; Parrish, D. D.; Brown, S. S.; Edwards, P.; Gilman, J. B.; Graus, M.; Hanisco, T. F.; Kaiser, J.; Keutsch, F. N.; Kim, S.‐W.; Lerner, B. M.; Neuman, J. A.; Nowak, J. B.; Pollack, I. B.; Roberts, J. M.; Ryerson, T. B.; Veres, P. R.; Warneke, C.; Wolfe, G. M. (American Geophysical Union, 2019-07-05)
      Abstract During an airborne study in the Southeast United States, measured mixing ratios of biogenic hydrocarbons were systematically lower in air masses containing enhanced nitrogen oxides from power plants, which we ...
    • Hyperspectral Earth Observation from IASI: Five Years of Accomplishments 

      Hilton, Fiona; Armante, Raymond; August, Thomas; Barnet, Chris; Bouchard, Aurelie; Camy-Peyret, Claude; Capelle, Virginie; Clarisse, Lieven; Clerbaux, Cathy; Coheur, Pierre-Francois; Collard, Andrew; Crevoisier, Cyril; Dufour, Gaelle; Edwards, David; Faijan, Francois; Fourrié, Nadia; Gambacorta, Antonia; Goldberg, Mitchell; Guidard, Vincent; Hurtmans, Daniel; Illingworth, Samuel; Jacquinet-Husson, Nicole; Kerzenmacher, Tobias; Klaes, Dieter; Lavanant, Lydie; Masiello, Guido; McNally, Anthony; Matricardi, Marco; Pavelin, Edward; Newman, Stuart; Payan, Sebastien; Péquignot, Eric; Peyridieu, Sophie; Phulpin, Thierry; Remedios, John; Schlüssel, Peter; Serio, Carmine; Strow, Larrabee; Stubenrauch, Claudia; Taylor, Jonathan; Tobin, David; Wolf, Walter; Zhou, Daniel (American Meteorological Society, 2012-03-01)
      The Infrared Atmospheric Sounding Interferometer (IASI) forms the main infrared sounding component of the European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites's (EUMETSAT's) Meteorological Operation ...
    • IGR J14257−6117, a magnetic accreting white dwarf with a very strong strong X-ray orbital modulation 

      Bernardini, F.; de Martino, D.; Mukai, K.; Falanga, M. (Oxford University Press, 2018-04-28)
      IGR J14257−6117 is an unclassified source in the hard X-ray catalogues. Optical follow-ups suggest it could be a Cataclysmic Variable (CV) of the magnetic type. We present the first high signal-to-noise (S/N) X-ray observation ...
    • The ILRS contribution to ITRF2008 

      Pavlis, E.; Luceri, V.; Sciarretta, C.; Kelm, R.
    • The ILRS contribution to the development of ITRF2013 

      Luceri, V.; Pavlis, E. C.; Pace, B.; König, D.; Kuzmicz-Cieslak, M.; Bianco, G. (National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 2014)
      Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR) data have been fundamental over the past three decades for the realization of the International Terrestrial Reference Frame (ITRF), which is based on an intertechnique combination of the ...
    • ILRS contributions to near-realtime EOP series 

      Pavlis, Erricos C. (SYRTE - Time-Space Reference Systems, 2007-09-17)
    • The ILRS EOP Time Series 

      Sciarretta, C.; Luceri, V.; Pavlis, E.; Bianco, G. (Sciendo, 2010-11-01)
      Since 2004, ILRS has been providing on a weekly basis combined SSC/EOP solutions from 7-day arcs to support IERS for EOP computation and reference frame maintenance. At present, eight Analysis Centers and two Combination ...
    • ILRS Products, Standards, Modeling 

      Pavlis, Erricos C. (International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service, 2011-09-16)
    • The ILRS Rapid Service Mail: a tool to inform stations quickly about potential problems 

      Otsubo, Toshimichi; Müller, Horst; Schwatke, Christian; Pavlis, Erricos C. (National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 2016-10-03)