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    • Observations of a GX 301−2 Apastron Flare with the X-Calibur Hard X-Ray Polarimeter Supported by NICER, the Swift XRT and BAT, and Fermi GBM 

      Abarr, Q.; Baring, M.; Beheshtipour, B.; Beilicke, M.; de Geronimo, G.; Dowkontt, P.; Errando, M.; Guarino, V.; Iyer, N.; Kislat, F.; Kiss, M.; Kitaguchi, T.; Krawczynski, H.; Lanzi, J.; Li, S.; Lisalda, L.; Okajima, T.; Pearce, M.; Press, L.; Rauch, B.; Stuchlik, D.; Takahashi, H.; Tang, J.; Uchida, N.; West, A.; Jenke, P.; Krimm, H.; Lien, A.; Malacaria, C.; Miller, J.M.; Wilson-Hodge, C. (2020-01-13)
      The accretion-powered X-ray pulsar GX301−2 was observed with the balloon-borne X-Calibur hard X-ray polarimeter during late December 2018, with contiguous observations by the NICER X-ray telescope, the Swift X-ray Telescope ...