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    • Large global variations in measured airborne metal concentrations driven by anthropogenic sources 

      McNeill, Jacob; Snider, Graydon; Weagle, Crystal L.; Walsh, Brenna; Bissonnette, Paul; Stone, Emily; Abboud, Ihab; Akoshile, Clement; Anh, Nguyen Xuan; Balasubramanian, Rajasekhar; Brook, Jeffrey R.; Coburn, Craig; Cohen, Aaron; Dong, Jinlu; Gagnon, Graham; Garland, Rebecca M.; He, Kebin; Holben, Brent N.; Kahn, Ralph; Kim, Jong Sung; Lagrosas, Nofel; Lestari, Puji; Liu, Yang; Jeba, Farah; Joy, Khaled Shaifullah; Martins, J. Vanderlei; Misra, Amit; Norford, Leslie K.; Quel, Eduardo J.; Salam, Abdus; Schichtel, Bret; Tripathi, S. N.; Wang, Chien; Zhang, Qiang; Brauer, Michael; Gibson, Mark D.; Rudich, Yinon; Martin, Randall V. (Nature, 2020-12-11)
      Globally consistent measurements of airborne metal concentrations in fine particulate matter (PM₂.₅) are important for understanding potential health impacts, prioritizing air pollution mitigation strategies, and enabling ...