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    • Vetting of 384 TESS Objects of Interest with TRICERATOPS and Statistical Validation of 12 Planet Candidates 

      Giacalone, Steven; Dressing, Courtney D.; Jensen, Eric L. N.; Collins, Karen A.; Ricker, George R.; Vanderspek, Roland; Seager, S.; Winn, Joshua N.; Jenkins, Jon M.; Barclay, Thomas; Barkaoui, Khalid; Cadieux, Charles; Charbonneau, David; Collins, Kevin I.; Conti, Dennis M.; Doyon, René; Evans, Phil; Ghachoui, Mourad; Gillon, Michaël; Guerrero, Natalia M.; Hart, Rhodes; Jehin, Emmanuël; Kielkopf, John F.; McLean, Brian; Murgas, Felipe; Palle, Enric; Parviainen, Hannu; Pozuelos, Francisco J.; Relles, Howard M.; Shporer, Avi; Socia, Quentin; Stockdale, Chris; Tan, Thiam-Guan; Torres, Guillermo; Twicken, Joseph D.; Waalkes, William C.; Waite, Ian A. (IOP Publishing, 2020-12-11)
      We present TRICERATOPS, a new Bayesian tool that can be used to vet and validate TESS Objects of Interest (TOIs). We test the tool on 68 TOIs that have been previously confirmed as planets or rejected as astrophysical false ...