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    • Probing the extragalactic fast transient sky at minute timescales with DECam 

      Andreoni, Igor; Cooke, Jeffrey; Webb, Sara; Rest, Armin; Pritchard, Tyler A.; Caleb, Manisha; Chang, Seo-Won; Farah, Wael; Lien, Amy; Möller, Anais; Ravasio, Maria Edvige; Abbott, Timothy M. C.; Bhandari, Shivani; Cucchiara, Antonino; M. Flynn, Christopher; Jankowski, Fabian; Keane, Evan F.; Moriya, Takashi J.; Onken, Christopher; Parthasarathy, Aditya; Price, Daniel C.; Petroff, Emily; Ryder, Stuart; Wolf, Christian (2019-03-26)
      Searches for optical transients are usually performed with a cadence of days to weeks, optimised for supernova discovery. The optical fast transient sky is still largely unexplored, with only a few surveys to date having ...