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    • Extended X-ray emission in PKS 1718−649 

      Beuchert, T.; Rodríguez-Ardila, A.; Moss, V. A.; Schulz, R.; Kadler, M.; Wilms, J.; Angioni, R.; Callingham, J. R.; Gräfe, C.; Krauß, F.; Kreikenbohm, A.; Langejahn, M.; Leiter, K.; Maccagni, F. M.; Müller, C.; Ojha, R.; Ros, E.; Tingay, S. J. (EDP sciences, 2018-04-30)
      PKS 1718−649 is one of the closest and most comprehensively studied candidates of a young active galactic nucleus (AGN) that is still embedded in its optical host galaxy. The compact radio structure, with a maximal extent ...