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    • The terrestrial reference frame and the dynamic Earth 

      Altamimi, Zuheir; Angermann, Detlef; Argus, Don; Blewitt, Geoff; Boucher, Claude; Chao, Ben; Drewes, Hermann; Eanes, Richards; Feissel, Martine; Ferland, Remi; Herring, Tom; Holt, Bill; Johannson, Jan; Larson, Kristine; Ma, Chopo; Manning, John; Meertens, Chuck; Nothnagel, Axel; Pavlis, Erricos C.; Petit, Gerard; Ray, Jim; Ries, John; Scherneck, Hans‐Georg; Sillard, Patrick; Watkins, Mike (AGU Pubication, 2012-12-29)
      As early as the 15th century Swedes noticed that rocks in their harbors were slowly rising out of the sea [Ekman, 1991]. These local observations were not sufficient to distinguish whether the rocks were rising or the sea ...