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    • Wintertime Overnight NOx Removal in a Southeastern United States Coal‐fired Power Plant Plume: A Model for Understanding Winter NOx Processing and its Implications 

      Fibiger, Dorothy L.; McDuffie, Erin E.; Dubé, William P.; Aikin, Kenneth C.; Lopez‐Hilfiker, Felipe D.; Lee, Ben H.; Green, Jamie R.; Fiddler, Marc N.; Holloway, John S.; Ebben, Carlena; Sparks, Tamara L.; Wooldridge, Paul; Weinheimer, Andrew J.; Montzka, Denise D.; Apel, Eric C.; Hornbrook, Rebecca S.; Hills, Alan J.; Blake, Nicola J.; DiGangi, Josh P; Wolfe, Glenn M.; Bililign, Solomon; Cohen, Ronald C.; Thornton, Joel A.; Brown, Steven S. (AGU Pubication, 2018-01-05)
      Nitric oxide (NO) is emitted in large quantities from coal‐burning power plants. During the day, the plumes from these sources are efficiently mixed into the boundary layer, while at night, they may remain concentrated due ...