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    • J-PLUS: Two-dimensional analysis of the stellar population in NGC 5473 and NGC 5485 

      Roman, I. San; Sanchez-Blazquez, P.; Cenarro, A. J.; Diaz-Garcia, L. A.; Lopez-Sanjuan, C.; Varela, J.; Vilella-Rojo, G.; Akras, S.; Bonoli, S.; Chies Santos, A. L.; Coelho, P.; Cortesi, A.; Ederoclite, A.; Jiménez-Teja, Y.; Logroño-García, R.; Oliveira, R. Lopes de; Nogueira-Cavalcante, J. P.; Orsi, A.; Ramió, H. Vázquez; Viironen, K.; Cristóbal-Hornillos, D.; Dupke, R.; Marín-Franch, A.; Oliveira, C. Mendes de; Moles, M.; Sodré, L. (ESO, 2019-01-12)
      Context. The spatial variations of stellar population properties within a galaxy are intimately related to their formation process. Therefore, spatially resolved studies of galaxies are essential to uncover their formation ...