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    • An observationally constrained evaluation of the oxidative capacity in the tropical western Pacific troposphere 

      Nicely, Julie M; Anderson, Daniel C.; Canty, Timothy P.; Salawitch, Ross J.; Wolfe, Glenn M.; Apel, Eric C.; Arnold, Steve R.; Atlas, Elliot L.; Blake, Nicola J.; Bresch, James F.; Campos, Teresa L.; Dickerson, Russell R.; Duncan, Bryan; Emmons, Louisa K.; Evans, Matthew J.; Fernandez, Rafael P.; Flemming, Johannes; Hall, Samuel R.; Hanisco, Thomas F.; Honomichl, Shawn B.; Hornbrook, Rebecca S.; Huijnen, Vincent; Kaser, Lisa; Kinnison, Douglas E.; Lamarque, Jean‐Francois; Mao, Jingqiu; Monks, Sarah A.; Montzka, Denise D.; Pan, Laura L.; Riemer, Daniel D.; Saiz‐Lopez, Alfonso; Steenrod, Stephen D.; H. Stell, Meghan; Tilmes, Simone; Turquety, Solene; Ullmann, Kirk; Weinheimer, Andrew J. (AGU Pubication, 2016-06-05)
      Hydroxyl radical (OH) is the main daytime oxidant in the troposphere and determines the atmospheric lifetimes of many compounds. We use aircraft measurements of O₃, H₂O, NO, and other species from the Convective Transport ...