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    • Active Galactic Nuclei under the scrutiny of CTA 

      Sol, H.; Zech, A.; Boisson, C.; Almeida, U. Barres de; Biteau, J.; Contreras, J.-L.; Giebels, B.; Hassan, T.; Inoue, Y.; Katarzynsk, K.; Krawczynski, H.; Mirabal, N.; Poutanen, J.; Rieger, F.; Totani, T.; Benbow, W.; Cerruti, M.; Errando, M.; Fallon, L.; Pino, E. de Gouveia Dal; Hinton, J.A.; Inoue, S.; Lenain, J.-P.; Neronov, A.; Takahashi, K.; Takami, H.; White, R. (Elsevier, 2012-12-20)
      Active Galactic Nuclei (hereafter AGN) produce powerful outflows which offer excellent conditions for efficient particle acceleration in internal and external shocks, turbulence, and magnetic reconnection events. The jets ...
    • Surveys with the Cherenkov Telescope Array 

      Dubus, G.; Contreras, J.L.; Funk, S.; Gallant, Y.; Hassan, T.; Hinton, J.; Inoue, Y.; Knödlseder, J.; Martin, P.; Mirabal, N.; Naurois, M. de; Renaud, M.; the CTA Consortium (Elsevier, 2012-06-02)
      Surveys open up unbiased discovery space and generate legacy datasets of long-lasting value. One of the goals of imaging arrays of Cherenkov telescopes like CTA is to survey areas of the sky for faint very high energy ...