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    • Periodic single-photon source and quantum memory 

      Pittman, Todd B.; Fitch, Michael J.; Jacobs, Bryan C.; Franson, Jason M. (SPIE, 2004-02-03)
      Although there has been tremendous progress in the development of true “on-demand” single-photon sources, periodic or “pseudodemand” single-photon sources can be a sufficient resource for many optical quantum information ...
    • Photon-number-resolving detection using time-multiplexing 

      Achilles, Daryl; Silberhorn, Christine; Sliwa, Cezary; Banaszek, Konrad; Walmsley, Ian A.; Fitch, Michael J.; Jacobs, Bryan C.; Pittman, Todd B.; Franson, James D. (Taylor & Francis, 2009-07-03)
      Detectors that can resolve photon number are needed in many quantum information technologies. In order to be useful in quantum information processing, such detectors should be simple, easy to use, and be scalable to resolve ...
    • Quantum Computing Using Linear Optics 

      Pittman, Todd B.; Jacobs, Bryan C.; Franson, James D.
    • Zeno logic gates using microcavities 

      Franson, James D.; Pittman, Todd B.; Jacobs, Bryan C. (OSA Publishing, 2007)
      The linear optics approach to quantum computing has several potential advantages, but the logic operations are probabilistic. We review the use of the quantum Zeno effect to suppress the intrinsic failure events in these ...